The Fart Boy Hard At Work

A new air freshener, Boss! Sweet.
A new air freshener, Boss? Sweet!

Yesterday, Orange County’s original Fart Boy, Matthew Cunningham, the irrepressible toady and Energizer Bunny of  boot licks, was hard at work for his de facto boss – the political impresario and lobbyist, John Lewis.

A few days before Lewis had sent out out a Chris Norby for County Clerk  politcal contribution solicitation to County workers at their work e-mail addresses. That  looked bad because it was (and is) bad, maybe illegal; and County employees are banned from using their computers for this sort of thing – both on the sending and receiving end. Well, yesterday Lewis sycophant Cunningham tried to downplay the episode on his own lame and tiresome “Red County” blog go here at the risk of extreme tedium.

The fact that Cunningham’s blog is alternatively referred to as “Red Klownty” and “Brown County” ought to be a giveaway as to the fringe crazies and paid hacks that blog there. Cunningham’s unfortunate nickname – Jerbal – is another telling clue about his personality.

Cunningham’s pathetic rhetoric once again revealed his only apparent talent: diverting attention from the real issue. But it’s only a talent if someone is dumb enough to fall for it. The issue was not, as Cunningham implied,  how many government workers actually felt threatened or coerced by the e-mail, but the impropriety of sending it out in the first place, and the incompetence that let it happen.

Cunningham claims that Norby is not vindictive – part of his sleight-of-hand shtick, since nobody ever said he was. The issue is why the campaign is so screwed up it doesn’t know what it’s doing, and how Norby, who wants to be the County’s chief paper-pusher, let it happen.

John Lewis has created a cute little machine that generates him political consulting income as well as considerable wealth as a County lobbyist – after he gets his boys elected. How much Cunningham gets paid for his transparent efforts at damage control for Lewis is hard to say. He may just be doing it for a warm smile and a wink from his mentor.

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  1. Grover, you have descibed this individual to a T. I’ve had a couple of run-ins with him and can attest to the fact that his modus operandi is to dodge issues, change the subject, try to get you to argue about irrelevancies, etc.

  2. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. His reputation and philosophy is always for sale. He supported the developer against Disney and the citizens of Anaheim. His Red County magazine states the obvious and is intellectually lazy. Cunninghamand Lewis have no shame.

  3. They should change the name of that blog to “Green County”, for the money that gets paid to Lewis for the advertising Jerbal puts up.

    What a shill this guy is for Lewis, no integrity.

    I like how they NEVER post anything that talks bad about their candidates. They delete any post you make knocking Daly or Norby too–and there is a lot to knock.

  4. Here’s what he considers important/ news:

    “tempest in a teapot.” I got the impression she’d never run across it before. How fortunate for the SAUSD students she used to teach.

    I mentioned that he is the only one i’ve seen use that idiom on more than one occasion. It’s a little obscure, funky phrase and sure enough, it is OVER 150 years old and applied to a specific Supreme Court filing. THAT writer used the term just ONCE. Jerb has some kind of claim to it NOW. I guess it sounds all high brow to him. What a puffed- up poseur! 😉

  5. rvixen, the guy is a classic example of an under educated ninny who only looks literate in the context of the politcal sphere – where the bar is set extremely low, indeed.

    He’s not even good at political invective. But Joe’s got it right he’ll keep tap-tap-tapping away…until the blog is empty.

  6. There seemed to have been a time when being part of the GOP was all that was needed to be successful. I think those gravy days are over. Especially over for the crumb-grabbing lost boys like Jerbal over at his little teapot blog. Have you noticed that he will often use the same little “formula” of writing. I think that is where the tedium comes in. If you’ve read a few things by him: stories ore even blog comments, you are just pretty much re-reading the same stuff. I am sure he considers it all pithy. **Yawn**

    Here’s more entertainment than the teapot blog he has chats with himself about:'m+a+little+teapot&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ei=q3GUSpeINofIMZjysPoH&sa=X&oi=video_result_group&ct=title&resnum=4#

  7. Jerbal: King of the circular argument, parade organizer for the Emperor’s no clothes parade and head of flatulence for the County of Orange.

    My favorite post of all time is Pedroza’s “Jerbal sriving the debate”.

    Go get ’em toot boy!

  8. I think Matt Cunningham is an idiot!

    What Norby did was unethical regardless if it was legal or illegal. Norby gets away with not getting in trouble because he is a Supervisor.

    If that was a County employee that did that Norby would have make a big stink out of it.

    The voters in Orange County needs to be smarter and not vote for Chris Norby!

  9. So, you tell me. Has the Liberal OC come out against (Bush)ala again!

    They really hate this Fart Boy stuff. But what they hate even more is admitting they read your blog with great regularity!

  10. #14, they hate it all right because they are in the same business as Cunningham. They just kiss Demorcat posteriors while he perfrms the same office on Republicans (or whomever John Lewis tells him to pucker up for).

    If you disparage Cunnningham, you disparage them. The fact that they are now rubbing noses and complimenting each other probably means that they are increasingly isolated in their own little hermetically sealed world.

    I went to Cunningham’s pathetic blog the other day. Almost nobody comments. And why should they? Who wants to get into a discussion with a noise machine.

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