The Ed Royce Endorsement

On a very recent post commenter “Umbrella Alert” notes that Chris Norby’s use of the very very recent Ed Royce endorsement in his ballot statement is something of a “kick in the teeth” to folks who supported Norby when it counted. Now Norby doesn’t even need Royce’s bendable and character-free endorsement, but there it is.

Ackerwoman? Never heard of her...
Ackerwoman? Never heard of her...

Hard to disagree. This smells a lot like a “let’s all get together and forget the near past” orchestration – a past that included Royce’s warm endorsement of an unqualified carpetbagger who lied to the voters claiming to be a “businesswoman” and who spent two months slandering Norby’s reputation in just about the worst possible way. Remember that Ed?

No doubt Norby’s campaign consultants and lobbyists are telling Norby to climb into the Repuglican Clown Car. That’s where the money is. What’s next? A glowing testimonial to Dick and Linda Ackerman as life-long dedicated public servants?

Excuse me. I may just barf up my breakfast.

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  1. Normal people detest politics and/or politicians and/or people who engage in or hang around politicians.

    Consequently, when a normal person takes up the challenge to protect the community and steps forward to speak out or eventually to actually run for political office, then normal people cheer that individual on and offer respect and encouragement for their efforts in doing the sickening work that the political circus requires.

    The normal individual cannot persist in close continuous proximity with the creeps who actually like and “live” in the political (AKA big government and/or government employee taxpayer dependent) sewer.

    Seeking or even accepting the endorsement from a real total puny political creep bodes ill for the recipient of such “favorable” treatment.

    I hope Chris can keep his wits about him and also be wary of political advisers who are on “all sides” (except for the taxpayers’) of every political contest.

  2. Now Bushala is sending Norby to the guillotine? You guys are like the Taliban of Fullerton. The slightest offense and it’s off with your head!

    1. Glad you acknowledge an offense has occurred. But for us it’s not slight. For a junior repuglican (as I suspect you are) it’s big.

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