Just In Case You Wanted Anymore Proof…

…that former State Senator, State Assemblyman, and Fullerton City Councilman Dick Ackerman is a lying sack of canine excrement, we have it.

Hard to do this with any sort of dignity...
Hard to do this with any sort of dignity...

Okay, it’s been a tough fall for good old Dick what with the lil’ lady getting her posterior kicked in the AD 72nd election, and then with Ackerman’s own dubious behavior on behalf of the OC Fair Foundation miscreants coming to light. Some folks might be inclined to think we’re just piling on at this point (we are, of course). But this latest revelation is just so, um, revealing into the stack of prevarication masquerading as a former State Senator that, well, we just had to share it.

(First, thanks to the FFFF political research team, although it would have been useful to get this a couple of months ago – so no Christmas bonuses for you!)

Let’s let our old friend Matthew J. Cunningham do the wordsmithing. Here’s an excerpt from a Cunningham blog post away back in ’06 when Norby was running for re-election as a County supervisor. Cunningham is describing a Norby campaign mailer. Too bad the links don’t work anymore but, you’ll get the gist all right:

But the most noteworthy aspect of this mailer: a big sloppy endorsement from Sen. Dick Ackerman! Norby and Ackerman have been mortal foes for years. They must have smoked a seriously potent peace pipe.

I never said that, did I?
I never said that, did I?

So let’s get this straight. Ackerman warmly endorses Norby in 2006, after the Pam Mokler phony lawsuit jury verdict! But by 2009 he remembers that poor Pam Mokler is just a poor victim; and he conveniently remembers that the man he endorsed in 2006 is actually a serial sexual harasser from way back in the 80’s – as passed along and dutifully repeated by the Register toady Frank Mickadeit. What a guy!

Odd that Norby and his ace team of political consultants had forgotten what would have been an acutely embarrassing situation for their arch enemy Ackerman. Of course we couldn’t expect Cunningham to recall it either; or if he did to publish it. 

Anyway, Friends, there you have the sum and substance of a completely worthless individual, Dick Ackerman, whose gastropodic slime-sheen reflects back on all the scum-suckers who endorsed his wife’s completely fraudulent campaign.

High degree of reflectivity...
High degree of reflectivity...

But rest assured, Friends. We’re not done with Dick and his lackeys. Not by a long shot.

5 Replies to “Just In Case You Wanted Anymore Proof…”

  1. I am ashamed that I didnt bring this up during the campaign because I remembered this had gone down.

    This is the pinnacle of hypocracy and dishonesty. Obviously Dick (and Linda) decided some time ago that ethics and truth dont mean anything if they can get something ($900k over six years in this case) out of it.

    Please repost the list of local endorsers that backed this attempted highjack so I can remember to demand an apology from them when I see them. My only regret is that I can not “out” the numerous friends of Dick and Linda that told me off the record during the campaign they had no intention to vote for her even though they acquiessed to giving her money or an endorsement.

    1. Hollis, the FFFF elves are toiling away at that little Christmas present for the Friends.

      We still haven’t decided whether to just post the list and let the Friends have at it, or add our own commentary as the mood strikes.

  2. Hard to dodge the fact. He either endorsed a pervo out of expediency (was that a deal for Daucher?) or later he just made up a bunch of shit – out of political expediency. Either way it looks pretty bad for Dickie Boy.

  3. Yeah, how come Lewis and Holder didn’t come up with that. That would have been big.

    BTW, you guys did a lot to keep Ackerwoman in Irvine. You can’t expect credit from the mainstreamcampaign tools but they know it and so do we.

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