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Things smell better in the middle
Things always smell better near the middle

One of OCs most prominent political lackeys, John Lewis gofer Matt Cunningham, tried to insult us yesterday by referring to us as the “Fringe For Fullerton’s Future.” Of course he has good reason to dislike us since we were the ones to stick the Fart Boy tag on him – in reference to his general toadying to establishment power structures – wherever they may be found. And we’re happy he is following our blog.

To an individual like Cunningham we appear fringe. And you know what? He’s right!

We avoid the dead political center where everybody peddles his or her ass as hard as they can for some putrid little favor or advancement. We avoid the amorphous mass that always seems to create moist pockets of rank air where the consultant/lobbyist types can burrow in and find a home; where carpetbaggers that you happen to like, or fear, can get a wink and a free pass; where being conservative only means what is typed on a party membership card; where drones like the above mentioned Cunningham are held in anything except contempt for the shills they are; where right and left are just different labels for alternating groups of organized crime rings who treat government like their own private plantation and who are perfectly happy to rob their constituents with the stroke of a pen.

It wasn’t us fringers that brought forth Mike Duvall. Or who protected Mike Carona all those years.

It's nice and well-upholstered here in the center!

We are fringe! And we feel pretty damn good about it. It means we are free from the servility and stoogery that keeps a loud-mouthed imbecile like Dick Jones in office year after year; free from the petty self-interest that supports brain-dead ideas foisted on the populace by an incompetent Redevelopment bureaucracy; free from the fear that governs the other 50% of lackeydom.

Well, hell, there's no profit on the edge!
Well, hell, there's no profit on the edge!

It’s sort of like swimming in the deep end of the pool. While the Cunninghams of the world dogpaddle around the shallow end in their waterwings and pretend to be fighting big naval battles at sea, we’re actually taking on a real power structure even though it may only be from out here on the fringe. We do it because that’s where the real fun is. And maybe even the best future.

I'm a big boy now!
I'm a big boy now!

Yes we are the Fringe For Fullerton’s Future. Bring it on, ring-kissers and lackeys!

7 Replies to “Postcard from The Edge”

  1. Opportunists like Cunninham and Ackerman have been driving Republicans to the “fringe” en masse lately. Sooner or later these fools will be illuminated and then ejected.

    1. Excellent point, and i think that’s what admin was getting at in the next to last line. When the core is rotten where do you go?

      Cunningham would have been an excellent ass-kissing Tory in 1776 and would have no doubt railed against all those fringe revolutionaries.

  2. Put Cunningham and Lewis on ignore. They are irrelevant. Except for being corrupt and constantly on the take, there is nothing more that needs to be said about them.

  3. Don’t forget the Shroeders, Steve Sheldon and other bottom feeders in this county profitting at the public’s expense.

  4. Please use the photo from the juice showing the wiskers on the Jerbal. It helps keep things in proper perspective when we’re talking aboput his type

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