Overcrowding in Raymond Hills!

We have all heard about multiple families living in a single dwelling – a problem that is increasingly plaguing Orange County. Well, apparently the problem is encroaching “up on the hill” where folks like Doc Jones are doin’ all right.

Who gets to sleep up top?
Who gets to sleep up top?

It seems that the Ackerman clan has finally found itself a suitable address in Fullerton, on Lindendale, that will qualify the Missus to run for the State Assembly in a district where they don’t live. Only problem is that somebody else already lives there! We checked out the address and the abode already has inhabitants. Now, that’s not very good, is it? Bad for property values!

The sham candidate from Irvine who is dodging the clear intent of California’s Constitution is supposedly shacking up with another family. Eeeew! A phony candidacy decorated with a phony residence. That’s consistent, at least. What’s the matter? Didn’t Dick want to spring for a first and last month’s rent?

What's the big deal? it's not like I plan on spending any time there!
What's the big deal? it's not like we plan on spending any time there!

3 Replies to “Overcrowding in Raymond Hills!”

  1. I think we should talk about this California Constitution residency issue a bit more. Even if it’s not enforcable, it’s brings up an important point; carpetbagging is so wrong that it has been outlawed for 160 years.

    Unless you’re Matt Cunningham making excuses for your candidate. Then it’s just “up to the voters”. What a cop out.

  2. #1, I couldn’t agree more. There is a reason people are so uncomfortable with the party structure that the most popular registration category for new voters is “DTS”.

    Average people are tired of the hypocracy. If Loretta Sanchez’s husband were running for Assembly in a district he didnt live in the very same supporters of Mrs. Ackerman would be crying foul as loud as they could. Since they are friends with Ackerman, they shut up and go with the flow.

    Any time you hear the old “Ya, she/he may be a carpet bagger but……” followed by some BS spin about how this candidate has a legit exception, you know its time to support some one else.

    So much for principles. The right thing is the right thing. Who the candidate is this time should not even factor in to the analysis.

    I say no carpet baggers, period. No exceptions.

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