Perplexed “Pamette” Posse Pluviates Pilaver

You want funny? We got funny. Just listen to this nincompoop try to promote Pam Keller’s mayoralty – while waving around a copy of the widely discredited Fullerton Observer! Enjoy!

20 Replies to “Perplexed “Pamette” Posse Pluviates Pilaver”

  1. No quicker way to prove to a crowd of people in Fullerton that you are ignorant than to stand up on tv and say “I read it in the Observer so it must be true” and actually mean it.

    What a collection of loons those ladies were. Just the type that you would expect to be big Pam backers. I’m sure they are never weighed down by the burden of common sense and logic in their discussions.

  2. “political whatever’ reflects this woman’s circular thinking and the writing style and insight offered by the fullerton Observer. Pam Keller should be mayor of fulllerton because she is a woman. I didnt know, until viewing this clip, that being female automatically conferred political acumen.

  3. Is there a video of the next lady testifying? I loved her gestures. Great post, but it does not top “nothing says screw you like a beer in the face”. Now that was comedy!

    1. You’re right those gestures are priceles: hands on heart; hands in prayerful clasp. Oh, the Humanity!

  4. I hereby nominate this video for the following
    2009 FFFF Academy Awards.

    1. Best Airhead in a Leading Role – Lady #1.

    2. Best Supporting Airhead – Lady #2.

    3. Best Control of Hysterical Laughter by a Councilman – Shawn Nelson.

    4. Thickest Skin by a Councilwoman for being called a guy several times by a woman – Sharon Quirk

    5. Best Overall Comedy Post of 2009.

    And a special Lifetime Achievement Award goes to City Staffer Glen Steinbrink for his ability to think only of the delicious BLT he had at Roscoe’s for lunch while positioned dangerously close to two complete lunatics.

  5. Reminds me of a quote from the character “the cookie” in the movie Shrek

    “The only thing your gonna be king of is king of the stupid”. Pam, you are now king (queen)

  6. Not to be mean or anything, but it’s unnerving to think that there are people this dim-witted who are legally allowed to do things beyond simple respiration, such as vote, drive big automobiles, etc.

  7. Cant wait for Tuesday to see this crew of imbeciles begging for Pam to be crowned Queen of the stupid. Watch how mad the old guys get when they do this.

    1. This is bound to be classic. I can’t wait to see the video of Mrs. I Have No Political Whatevers make a monkey of her self again, with Miss Joan of Arc offering up up anguished prayers to a Benificent God in the background.

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