One Thousand Comments and Beyond

Here's to you, Anonymous Commenters
Here's to you, Anonymous Commenters

Today we captured our 1,000th comment on this blog  – a testament to our readers and their passion for Fullerton’s Future.

The millennial comment is attributed to someone who goes by the crafty alias “Norby” — and of course, it’s fitting that this comment is actually a critique of our own post. Thank you, Norby, for demonstrating that this blog does not seek to silence those who disagree – this comment and all others remain online forever as a reminder of our promise to never control the message through censoring or heavy handed pseudo-journalism.

FFFF was never created as a podium with which to espouse a single viewpoint or burn the butts of a few bad actors — but rather as a place to openly discuss problems and solutions with the entire community; a place for candid conversation of topics that are too taboo for conventional medium;  a place where whistleblowers are welcome and scandalous secrets will be told to anyone who will listen.

Thank you, FFFF commenters, for your numerous contributions – your city may never be the same.

6 Replies to “One Thousand Comments and Beyond”

  1. Thanks, Travis and congrats to all our Friends. As you say the blog is here to serve the future of Fullerton, especially to present views and information that the public won’t get from City Hall or the Fullerton Observer. Each of us has our own agenda and technique.

    Personally, I don’t feel like playing nice. I’ve witnessed a Hell lot of bad government here in Fullerton with zero accountability – as have some of my close friends, some of who provided background information for my posts.

    I figure that to make crushed ice you’ve gotta start out smashing the big blocks. Others may choose a less rambunctious approach it’s a free country and a free blog.

    Finally, it’s important to realize that none of the commenters here speaks for any other. We espouse our own views – although many of them seem to coincide nicely.

    And so cheers! We’re just getting started. Good government will be applauded; bad, self-serving, irresponsible government will be raspberried.

  2. happy 1000th birthday, FFFF and 1,000 thanks for kicking butt on those phonies that haunt fullerton city hall and the fullerton observer. speaking of psuedo-journalism, I have repeatedly challenged sharon kennedy, “editor” of the fullerton observer to simply post her education and work history in her “paper”. Hmmmm, why is she so reticent to do this simple task?

  3. I don’t know why you think Sharon Kennedy’s education and work history are relevant to the work she does. If she was your employee you might want to know, but she edits and distributes a free newspaper to those who care to read it. Who needs to know her background, city hall?

  4. You’re right, Matt. I have no interest in Sharon Kennedy’s education or her work history either.

    But then I have a pretty jaundiced view about the efficacy of education and am unemployable!

  5. matt, its called credibility. everyone has a right to their ignorant opinion but don’t lie to the public and call yourself an editor and your opines a newspaper.

  6. helen, helen, helen, instead of beating around the bush why dont you just tell people what you do know about the fullerton observer?

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