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We have in our possession a copy of the invitation to Clerk/Recorder (say, what does that guy actually do?) Tom Daly’s March 17th fundraiserthat insiders say will be used to announce his 2010 run for 4th District Supervisor. Chris Norby the Somnolent Supervisor is finally termed out and will be able to snooze on his own time.

Rip Van Norby

Daly, it is said, wants to replace Norby in our hearts and minds.

Prominent on the “host committee” list are the names of uber-liberal Fullerton councilpersons Sharon Quirk and Pam Keller. We make note of this fact only because the name of Anaheim council member Lorri Galloway keeps surfacing as a likely candidate for the same job, and we wonder, why, at this extremely early juncture, our own lovely ladies would tie themselves down to an old-time, one of the boys Democrat like Daly. After all, it was Galloway who stood up for the poor, downtrodden proletariat in the Magic Kingdom.

evil mouse

Anyway, if Galloway goes for it, Quirk and Keller may come to regret their early association with Daly. If this comes to pass we will certainly keep our loyal Friends posted on events.


  1. Harp, you raise a good point. It seems like this is way too soon for an endorsement by Quirk/Keller. The election is over a year away.

    Maybe they don’t see being on this “host committtee” as meaning an endorsement. But maybe they do.

  2. Or maybe Galloway isn’t running for this job and she’s already told Quirk/Keller, et al.

    In any case I agree that these folks are getting on board a little early – but that’s the world of politics: wait too late to get on the bandwagon and you’re screwed. Get on too early and the wheels may fall off and leave you stranded.

  3. Harpoon, you’re uninformed. Norby wants to take his “asleep at the switch” routine to the Clerk/Recorder job where he can sleep some more and get more pension points. Norby is what’s wrong with politics.

    He should go back to teaching school.

  4. It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.

    That photo of Pam Keller is truly creepy. She looks like she amped up on crytal meth. Can’t she get something toned down a little?

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