News Flash! FFFFers Hiding Under Cunningham’s Bed!

One of our Friends just returned from a mind-dumbing tour of the red county blog where she came across these comments on a post about another life-like Sheriff candidate or other:

Says the same guy calling people Mullahs LOL…
Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 12/23/09 – 12:31 PM »

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The difference is…
…my comment is on-target, while Ltpar’s accusation is a straw man.

You FFFFers DO behave like Taliban mullahs. The reaction to any dissent from your blog’s fluid Koran — whatever it happens to be that particular day — is a hail of ad hominem attacks and personal denunciations.

It’s no wonder you’re all afraid to attach your names to your blog.

Submitted by matthew cunningham on Wed, 12/23/09 – 12:50 PM

Let’s see if we’ve got this right. Some unknown commenter says something to annoy Cunningham and suddenly he claims it’s one of us! Too funny. What’s even funnier is that he claims we have a fluid “Koran” as the basis of our blog. Poor, dumb Jerb still doesn’t get it. We are not a partisan political blog. We want our electeds to act responsibly and with accountability. It’s only in the sad, slimy precincts of Red County where political party principles are supposed to hold sway. But of course they don’t.

Mr. Cunningham clearly needs professional help. And being the generous and big-hearted folks that we are at FFFF, we have once again retained the services of the renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Reinhold Ott, of the Schwabian Institut fur Psychologie in Tubingen, Germany, (at our own expense) to analyze Mr. Cunningham’s problem.

The penetrating gaze of Dr. Reinhold Ott
The penetrating gaze of Dr. Reinhold Ott

Says Herr Doktor Ott:

Although the information provided about this case is necessarily sparse, there is enough background material one may discover searching your blog to reach some conclusions, albeit tentative ones.

The subject has fairly obviously attained a mid-level of paranoia that is likely the result of unresolved id/superego issues that possibly extend back into childhood.

Being involved in politics as a fringe character has no doubt heightened a sense of impotence that exacerbates an underlying suspicion that the subject is a minor functionary, a mere tool if you will, in a large machine whose operators control him and many others like him.

Clinical exhibit A
Clinical exhibit A

The guilt/anger tension of suspecting to be manipulated will intensify the paranoiac delusion, as will the destructive underlying emotional attachment to the manipulators – yet another issue that likely reaches back into early stages of personality development.

In this case the subject lashes out at evidently disconnected or irrelevant targets while the principal cause of torment goes unaddressed. Such behavior is likely to continue until the underlying issues are resolved in a satisfactory manner.

Geez, thanks, Doc, I guess. Looks like this problem’s not going to be fixed anytime soon.

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  1. “The guilt/anger tension of suspecting to be manipulated will intensify the paranoiac delusion, as will the destructive underlying emotional attachment to the manipulators – yet another issue that likely reaches back into early stages of personality development.”


  2. This Jerbal guy is coming unglued. Obviously the Friends have had an effect. Now monsters are lurking in his closet at night.

    Jerbal, we have the cure but like an alcoholic, the first step is to admit your problem. Let us know when you are ready and we’ll walk you throught the first steps of returning to clean living. Remember, it’s never too late to be smart.

  3. It’s gotta be dark in that closet!

    All alone, with the lies and dirty secrets of Father John………

    Oops, were talking about REAL monsters here not some sexual prefrence metaphor.

    See you in the Steamroom Matt.

  4. Geez, Jerb, Art writes you freak out and dont attend a debate and now this….Between your job as a deputized junior park ranger and paling around with the Flesh man and the Flesh Camera and time in Suite C (the Comode Room) at Pacific Strategies and promoting your nutter wife for a staff position (she was a staff person for Dickey Ackerman) with Chris Norby, we have to wonder when you have time to spread those jerbal droppings……..

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