Last night I had my 60 day review at the Planning Commission to review the trumped up “public nuisance” charge brought against me by City staff at the behest of former council member and noted broomstick rider Jan Flory.

Still smarting from her defeat at the December meeting she showed up again and had to swallow the bitter pill yet again – a final 4-1 exoneration by the Commission.

Mrs. Flory held forth in a rambling ten-minute, diatribe the purpose of which was to attack me personally, one more time, as well as the Commission’s lack of proper diligence.

Her rant did include one bit of new information, if Mrs. Flory can be believed, and that’s the fact that she hasn’t had a dog in twenty-five years! That bit of information emerged as she challenged the accuracy of this humble blog!

Jan sure seemed annoyed at having been featured in an earlier post of mine (even though I thought the picture was pretty flattering – considering the subject. You can decide – I’m including it again, below).

Anyway the story has a happy ending. I have been vindicated and Jan Flory’s dog is in a much happier place – away from its owner.

Tony Bushala

13 Replies to “JAN FLORY’S DOG IS DEAD!”

  1. I’m not surprised than Jan Flory missed the whole point of “the dog” in your first post. It’s called a metaphor and sometimes goes over the head of folks who didn’t do too well in English class.

    The (fictional) dog “doing its business” on your property was a metaphor for Flory herself – and by extension her little neighborhood mob – trying to take a (figurative) crap on you. Ignoring the words “maybe” and “seriously” and having zero sense of humor Flory utterly missed the point and believed that people really thought she owns a dog.

    BTW, thank you for including a more recent photo of Flory.

  2. I watched the meeting on TV. Jan Flory is just a sad, burned out former big shot.

    That Dexter Savage is a 24 karate idiot. I wonder who appointed him.

  3. For several years, Florby was a “power broker” in Fullerton. She had Dickndon eating off her plate. A real sad part of Fullerton’s history.

  4. Flory was a titan among idiots when she was on the council. Back in the day she told Blankhead and Dick what to do and they were dumb enough to go along with it. Dick finally had to be told by Ackerman that he was not allowed to vote for her for Mayor and her world began to cave in. Stick to what your good at Jan, drinking.

  5. Jan was pissed about the photo? Ah Jan, you were no looker then but trust me hun, the past 8 years have left their mark from what I saw at the meeting the other night. You should thank the publisher for using archive photos.

  6. I sure hope that outfit Flory’s wearing has been treated with fire retardant. Otherwise keep it away from an open flame!

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