The Chinese calendar has recently ushered in the Year of The Ox, which seems appropriate in Fullerton given the recent clumsy effort by City Council bovine Dick Jones to attack Orange County Register editorial writer Steven Greenhut – for doing his job.

It seems that this prominent statocrat has held a grudge against Greenhut since he helped expose the closed-door public employee pension spike at the end of last summer. And so Jones, with his council colleague Don Bankhead in tow, attended a Chamber of Commerce function in which Register publisher Terry Horne was the guest speaker – and proceeded to publicly attack the Register for the damage done to his sterling reputation by Mr. Greenhut.

Horne, to his credit defended Greenhut’s professionalism and integrity against the odd effort by Jones to defend his own honor – something some Council observers thought he had abandoned after about three months on the Council. Jones is used to getting his own way, and it probably came as something of a shock to him that it’s a lot easier to bully the public from the council dais than it is to push around a newspaper publisher.

Rather than criticize the Register, and by extension Mr. Greenhut, Jones would do well to search his own conscience to find out why he consistently places the welfare of city employees ahead of the taxpayers and citizens of Fullerton.


  1. One has to appreciate Jones hooting and hollering that his fabulous resume as a public servant has been blemished. Lost on Jones seems to be that the blemish is self inflicted. He is furious that Mr. Greenhut told the public he was supporting a pension spike. Of course Jones himself told every friend he had at a mid summer fundraiser held in his honor that he was in full support of the retro active spike. It was only after the people charged with thinking for Dick pointed out to him that his position on the issue was tantamount to suicide for a Republican in Fullerton that he decided to change direction. That damn newspaper would not agree to pretend Dick was not in favor of the retro active spike. How dare they? Jones has himself to blame for this issue but like the true unprincipaled tool that he is, he seeks to claim the title of victim. Stop whining Dick!

  2. Hey, just because Dick and I supported retroactively giving away millions of taxpayer dollars to employees that had already been paid everything they were owed doesn’t mean we want the public to know about it does it?

  3. Let me get this straight. First Jones and Bankhead are dinosuars. Then they are mastodons. Now they are oxen.

    Hmmm. There must be theory in here somewhere.

  4. The more doc dick jones rants against greenhut the more I know greenhut is the voice of reason beside the public trough

  5. Jonres is one of the great staff stooges in Fullerton history. He would be #1 if Buck Catlin hadn’t got there first.

    Buck finally got recalled!

  6. What is it about these people? Rather than change their irresponsible or incompetent behavior they want to blame the messenger. They all seem to do it.

    Jones has been gving orders for too long. In the military and in civilian hospitals. He’s suffering from some sort of complex.

    Get over it Dr. HeeHaw. You ruined your own reputation, and you did it years ago by being a cowardly, loud-mouthed, ignorant bully.

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