It Goes Down Okay, But Has Trouble Getting Up

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The other day on our post detailing Pam Keller’s love-in blog, one of our readers made reference to “a stack of yellowing Observers,” and another clever Friend inquired whether he was referring to the paper or its writers.

Today we had a visit from another Friend on our latest post about the Fullerton Observer and its hackish ways, using the great handle “They All Live in A Yellow Submarine.”  This set us a thinkin’ about what a great metaphor the submarine can be, especially one that can’t blow its ballast tanks to surface and see what’s happening in the outside world. Its denizens are hermetically sealed in. Think Das Boot.

Observers at work
Who needs fresh air and sunshine? Not us!

Given The Fullerton Observer’s rather nasty penchant for submerging itself in a sea of City Hall Kool Aid we think the image is apt. Plus we’re getting a little bored with:

All clear, fire away!
All clear, fire away!

8 Replies to “It Goes Down Okay, But Has Trouble Getting Up”

  1. The Observer is stuck in 1994. Everyone is judged on how they stood on the recall of the pro-utility tax majority.

    Anyone even remotely associated with Bankhead is good, ‘cuz he took the fall for the tax. Anyone even remotely associated with any recallers are bad.

    This is still Kennedy’s black & white world. All the Observer’s endorsements are based on this.

  2. Shadow, you never seem to amaze me, I was thinking the same thing about the ostrich, but the metaphor of a submarine was brilliant. Joe is one lucky man to have you on board. Keep em rolling!

  3. the fullerton observer was the reaction of a chronically unemployable angry man. Bored with sitting at home, ralph kennedy tried to cheat his way into a fullerton city council seat; residents of new york and san francisco are not eligible to vote for fullerton city council members.
    the premise for the fullerton observer was not to expose injustice at the local level but to soothe the wounded ego of a silly man.
    but what is really intriguing about this story is how and why I know these facts. dive, dive, dive.

  4. What to me at least becomes the most bizzare angle of the Oserver finale is that Kennedy is a left wing loon that probably never envisioned herself as the appologist for the establishment. The far left commie types like her came out of the 60’s and early 70’s AGAINST the establishment. Freedom from government tyranny and limits on liberty.

    Now it seems, like boiling a frog, Kennedy and her ilk have let the heat rise so slowly it never occurred to them that they are the last protectors of the govenment machine controlling everyone’s liberty. Wake up Kennedy! You values have been boiled right out of you without detection by anyone at your little rag.

    Have the drugs done that much damage? You should be screaming from the rooftops how outrageous the thought of the City running it’s own blog to control the information flow (attempt to anyway). Instead you are a meek little chearleader for the inept and pathetic control mongers that cant stand when others have an independent thught.

    It’s not too late to become a fighter for liberty.

    1. Hollis, excellent analysis in this comment. You have hit the proverbial nail on the head. I’m going to publish this comment as a separate post.

  5. hollis, half the words you wrote sharon kennedy probably can’t define or spell. direct your rant to the real brains of the fullerton observer, professor buck a tired, old man who taught political science at csu fullerton. his value lies only in the fact that when he speaks he evokes nostalgia for aging baby boomers who pretended to be anarchists during their youth. the fullerton observer, prof buck are part of the menagerie of 1970’s like pet rocks, foil wallpaper, shag carpeting and shag hair cuts.

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