Is Tom Daly Pulling Out Of 4th Supe Race?

Art Pedroza over at the Orange Juice blog speculates about it, here.

Well, we have been waiting for some sort of decision by Daly for months as he weighed a tough political battle versus a fairly easy walkover in a re-election as County clerk – a job that pays well, requires little, and is unencumbered by term limits.

We don’t know how reliable Art’s sources are, but if they are, an announcement could be coming soon. If Daly does pull out it will be a bad blow to John Lewis who had been counting on getting Daly on to the BoS where he could be energetically lobbied like a rutting mink.

But if the story turns out to be true, it will be a glad day for Matthew J. Cunningham and his Red County blog who will no longer have to do pirouettes around the embarrassing fact of his uber-mentor supporting a (pause for gasp) Democrat!

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    1. That’s a great web site Daly has. Maybe he and John Lewis can help admin and co. put up those signs, I hear admin is buddies with Daly.

  1. I had pretty decent sources, but in the end it will come down to Daly.

    Daly is pissed that Nelson got the Norby endorsement. This is the second time he runs for Supervisor and gets punked.

  2. This ones is Shawn’s to lose at this point even if Tom stays or goes. Galloway stays in and splits the Dems up or stays in where she doesn’t stand a chance to win. She is totally unknown in Fullerton, Placentia, Brea and La Habra…and isn’t really liked in Anaheim.

  3. Haven’t you heard? The Red County line is that Daly is some sort of super-Democrat – almost a Republican, in fact, and many Republicans are going to endorse him.

    At least that’s what Lewis told Cunningham who dutifully passed it along.

  4. Galloway does not live in the District, and is hated by most of the residents here that I personally know. She does not have the ability to take votes from Tom Daly, who is Anaheim’s favorite son in this race, and well liked in other communities. Yes, Republicans, including myself, want Tom Daly in that office, he is a good man, parties aside.

    1. Colony Rabble, Tom Daly is just a career politican looking for a soft place to land. It’s high time the guy got a real job somewhere – outside of government. You will be one of very few Republicans who go for Daly.

      But let’s say Daly doesn’t run? What’s your fallback position – Harry Sidhu (another carpetbagger) or Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson? Just curious.

    2. “hated by most of the residents here that I happen to know”

      And yet she was re-elected handily. It’s obvious you’ve got an ax to grind against Lorri. What’d she ever do to you?

  5. Lorri was re-elected in a city where the majority of votes are cast in the Hills. Poll her numbers in the 4th District as a whole, and she tanks. My objection to Lorri is that she is a phony, a leech who collects fat donations for her non-profit, from those who do business with the City. Can you say “sold her vote”? Lorri is the worst thing that ever happened to this City, she pays back her developer buddies who build “affordable” housing at greatly inflated profit margins (I have proof with money that really should be going to the poor she pretends to advocate for. The idea of letting her have an even greater payback fund from the County Supe’s budget to funnel to her friends to the detriment of our quality of life sickens me.

    1. “My objection to Lorri is that she is a phony, a leech who collects fat donations for her non-profit, from those who do business with the City.”

      Hey! We got one of those in our city too!

  6. Can you please do a story and investigation of Lorri and her claim to be a proud member of CSUF Alum Assc, she waves it around a lot. Rumor is she never attended CSUF or any school. As a member myself, I find this lie offensive. Also, Lorri filed lawsuits against Anaheim citizens who opposed her alleged charity. She lost and her charity was ordered to pay all of her opponent’s legal fees. The further result was she opened herself and her charity to depositions and subpoenaed Eli Home records. The court ordered information was shared and is the basis for public facts about the infamous Lorri Galloway. BTW, drive by her Eli Homes in Anaheim Hills and Orange. Observe that the Eli Homes are void of children. So what happens to the huge sums of money raised for the Eli Home? It sure doesn’t cost much to host parties for children. The gifts given to the children attending these parties (who don’t live at the Eli Homes) are all donated from organizations. ASK LORRI WHAT HAPPENS TO MONEY DONATED TO THE EMPTY ELI HOMES?

  7. Boy, you said it so perfect there. Now we see outgoing and tired Mayor Curt Pringle supporting and fundraising for Harry. He is hosting another way to expensive $500 a person (typical of Harry’ ego) crappy event again at the White House restaurant (no doubt its free for Harry and Curt there) that nobody will goto, or wants too…especally since he calls and begs for money for his drubbing Senate run debt, council relections and now Supervisor. He still doesn’t live in the district, why give him a dime?!

  8. Galloway and Sidhu are horrible choices and carpetbaggers. Nelson may take a lot of Fullerton votes, but Daly has a more recognizable name throughout the district. If Daly has any guts he will stay in the race and probably win. If he does lose, he will have to find a private sector job, but I am pretty sure he is Ivy League educated (Harvard or Yale) and will probably be able to do so pretty easily.

    Why is being a career politician bad anyhow? Don’t we want experience?

    1. That’s hilarious – Ivy League educated!

      The guy’s never had a real job and probably has no idea what 8-5 rally means. Apart from some sort of lobbyist gig the guy’s got nothing. he really needs a government job, so he’d be wise to stay where he is.

      As far as name recognition, well, we’ll see how much, and what kind!

  9. I live here and his name is UNKNOWN in Anaheim. It’s been a decade since he was there doing anything at all. Only ones who know him are the old group who still work at City Hall. We are tired of old government, look what they have done to Anaheim, it’s an illegal alien dump. They should be led off in handcuffs…

  10. If Tom runs and loses (which he will) he’s out of a job 🙂 if Nelson runs (which he will) and loses, he still has his business 🙂

  11. I have never met Nelson, so I am not disparaging him in any way. But I am interested in knowing how someone can handle the very full time obligation of the Clerk-Recorder’s Office, and still manage a law firm?

  12. …and Johnny f. It is the failed policies of Lorri Galloway and the trainer lemmings that allow her to run amuck on the current Council that have created the dump you refer to. Tom Daly would never have put up with that nonsense, he cared about our neighborhoods more than he cared about developers and their high-density subsidized underparked projects. I do not work for City Hall. Neither do any of my neighbors who support Tom. But we do remember what he did for us while Mayor, and I have seen some of the good he has brought us at the County level, it can only get better for Anaheim if he is given greater opportunity to help us.

  13. I got an e-mail yesterday that said former Anaheim Councilman Tom Tait is running for 4th. Dist. Supe and had raised $190,000 for the run and had a lot of “R” endorcements.

    That would make anyone drop out of a race.

  14. WOW, you seem to be getting your L’s mixed up. Lucile Kring is running vs Tait for the Mayors seat. Say yes to Curt and his army, you get $190K. Tait will do good work under Curt’s supervision and special interests.

    COLONY: If you think Tom can clean up our Anaheim while at the County managing the entire 4th Dist, you must be drunk. And Shawn Nelson has law partners running his firm, he will simply step away from the court to work on the 5th floor full time. Learn some facts…

  15. Johnny how did I mix up my L’s? I corrected Art’s post that Tom Tait was running for Supe with that $190k. Tom Tait is running against Lucille Kring for Mayor of Anaheim. Lorri Galloway is running against Tom Daly for 4th Supe. Those are the battles we are discussing here, yes?

    I think Tom Daly will do far more for Anaheim as Supe than Nelson might. Under Norby the only perk Anaheim got was a grant to Eli Home for Emergency Shelter, and you will hear many opinions on whether the needy really get shelter from Eli. Tom Daly was instrumental in getting Norby to give us a grant from Parks money to fund the new Founder’s Park, otherwise Anaheim has seen little benefit in the past. Yes I do think Tom Daly can give the entire 4th District his attention, including previously neglected Anaheim.

  16. You should take a close look at your Council then CR, sounds like a few big companies have (and have had) their attention pretty good and seem to get what they want while walking all over its constituents.

    You should be the happiest most plentiful city in the county, not waiting for a handout from the county.

    Ill buy you a drink at the victory party.

  17. You could run the Clerk-Recorders office while managing 10 law-firms. That bureaucracy has been running itself with no help from the “Elected Boss” since Gary Granville.

    Tom is just a County bureaucrat hack, bilking the system for a HUGE retirement pension you will be paying for.

    I bet Shawn Nelson wouldn’t (or need) even want his…

  18. Thor, I happen to agree with you. WIth all of our TOT coming in, we should not be begging big brother for anything. When Tom Daly was Mayor, his focus was on neighborhoods and parks, maintaining quality of life here. When he left, the incoming power structure dismantled quite a number of his deals, such as the improvement to La Palma Park, and recently we had 3 Council members try to dissasemble the Resort deal he worked to put together, which should make us a prosperous community. Little of that money trickles back down to the neighborhoods lately, we have to use CDBG money for things that should be handled under General Fund, but that is another battle. But since we are now forced by our own Council to go begging for dollars, I would like Tom Daly to be on the other end of the phone while we are begging.

  19. I heard today that Curt Pringle has been furiously raising money for Harry Sidhu.

    Looks like Sidhu will replace Daly amongst the RINO set once Daly pulls out.

    Nelson still has nothing to worry about…

  20. Curts raising money for him, but it is a smoke screen for his 3rd dist run in 2012. He has to stay on council until then because he just announced he doesn’t officially live in the district with the invite for his fund raiser at his residence. I think Curt owes him a favor and is just sending a few emails out , nothing more. Harrys a joke and everyone knows it. He still owes for his Senate drubbing.

  21. Harry is a joke, but Curt still has to work with him, hence the back-slapping. Peace in the valley, my friend.

  22. When Pringle endorses someone we will all know about it. That is going to be huge for whomever receives it. Sidhu doesn’t seem like someone Pringle will endorse. I don’t think he will endorse Nelson either, but he may endorse Daly who will support Anaheim from the Supe position.

    I haven’t received any mailers for this race yet. I know it is early, but has anyone else?

    1. Supe View, we have heard that Pringle is putting together a big fundraiser for Harry at the White House in Anaheim. We have also heard there is going to be an anti-carpetbagger protest there.

      “Daly will support Anaheim from the Supe position?” What does that mean? And why do you think Pringle cares anything about Anaheim outside of his own interest? He might endorse a Democrat for his own purposes, but it looks like Lewis has already got a monopoly on that little market.

      Pringle can help raise money from all the business interests in Anaheim that do business before the city council, but really, what’s his endorsement worth? Didn’t do much for the Ackerwoman, did it.

      Pringle can get behind Harry but it’s a poor bet. Harry got his clock cleaned in his own city by Mimi Walters – a candidate from Laguna Niguel!

      1. GOD I AGREE! Did you really think Pringle cares about Anaheim??? I bet he moves to Newport Coast the day he is termed out. He has no reason to stay–he tapped that town.

        I believe he owes Harry the Dog Catcher Sidhu a favor, so he is doing a few phone calls and such. I doubt his name is on anything showing support.

        CURT needs to follow the party, so i suspect he will come around to Nelson down the road when Harry drops.

  23. I didn’t say that Pringle cares about Anaheim outside of his own interest.

    I didn’t say that Pringle will support Daly because he will support Anaheim from the Supe position.

    I think Pringle will endorse Daly because he knows that he is the favorite to win and that is in his best interest.

    I also believe that Daly will have Anaheim’s best interest in mind when he is on the BoS.

    If his fundraising effort for Harry is true, then maybe he will not officially endorse anyone in the race. No way does he endorse Harry in this race.

    1. “I also believe that Daly will have Anaheim’s best interest in mind when he is on the BoS.”

      So you don’t think that Galloway or Sidhu or Nelson wouldn’t have Anaheim’s best interest in mind? What are you really trying to say here?

      BTW, at this point you are probably just about the only person who thinks Daly is the favorite to win! I don’t even think Daly believes that.

  24. Supe View :
    No way does he endorse Harry in this race.

    Do you think Harry will delete this Curt quote?
    Curt Pringle

    “‘It has been an honor to serve with Harry and work with him on the causes we share. He is committed to public safety as government’s number one priority… As our Councilman, Harry has established himself as a true friend to the taxpayers. He shares my dedication to improving the lives and opportunities for all of Anaheim. Please join me in voting to re-elect Harry Sidhu to our Anaheim City Council!”
    Curt Pringle
    Mayor, City of Anaheim

  25. #38 SUPE VIEW,

    So Daly only cares about Anaheim?

    Then my fellow North County constituents in BREA, YL, LH, PLACENTIA and FULLERTON definitely shouldn’t vote for Daly.

    I don live in Anaheim and dont want a Supervisor that favors Anaheim. That city already has plenty of its own money and a seat at OCTA.

  26. Thor, the County budget is supposed to be for all the County. Up until now Anaheim has seen bupkiss of it. Just because we had the good sense to create a revenue stream does not mean we should lose our share of budget from other sources. Daly will support all of the 4th District, and Anaheim will finally stop being overlooked for other communities.

  27. CR: Other cities are flat broke, massive layoffs, even close to folding, and you crying about this?!

    Not saying Anaheim doesn’t deserve it fair share, but in this economy we don’t need an Anaheim bureaucrat concentrating on the largest, richest city in OC with its amusement parks, more bed tax than the rest of the cities put together, largest Second Tier City Convention Center on the West Coast…etc.

    Be nice to have someone who can look beyond very self-sufficient Anaheim to help the others best he can.

  28. In my opinion, Daly will support the entire District, but he won’t let Anaheim get the shaft.

    Joe – If you don’t think Daly is the favorite then you are nuts. His name recognition county wide is far greater than any of the other candidates. His name is on every important document that you get from the county, i.e. birth certificate, marriage license, etc.

    Blogs like this are fun to read for local political hacks like us, but the everyday voter is going to recognize Daly’s name. Daly will also have an elected County job listed as his occupation, not a City Council position or private sector job. I think that will go a long way district wide.

  29. Supe View : His name is on every important document that you get from the county, i.e. birth certificate, marriage license, etc.

    Yes, Daly will definitely get votes from the coveted I-read-my-own-birth-certificate crowd.

  30. Sorry, caught that elsewhere. All I saw was folks saying Curt would make calls but never support or fund raise for Harry which is clearly not the case. Curt may be leaving in 2010, but he has a very expensive choo-choo to run through the middle of town. Curt still needs his 3 votes on Council, even after he has left. Time to buy Harry’s cooperation at the White House.

  31. One commenter said that.

    We all know Pringle is in it for Pringle. In fact he was an original inductee into the Repuglican Hall of Shame.

    If we dealt with Anheim we would be reviewing Pringle’s various train follies. My suggestion is to do a post on it over at Red County and see how long Cunning Ham and Chip Hanlon leave it up!

  32. Pringle is supporting Harry early on in this race because he knows Harry will drop out early.

    Pringle can then support the front runner- Daly or the only other real candidate/republican- Nelson.

    Sidhu and Galloway need to cut bait and stop carpetbagging. They have no shot.

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