Is Linda Ackerman Hiring Precinct Walkers?

My paid volunteers fanned out across Fullerton!
My paid volunteers fanned out across Fullerton!

Yesterday over at the Orange Juice blog on our post about Linda Ackerman’s phony “businesswoman” label, a commenter named “baxter” related how somebody from the Ackerman for Assembly came a knockin’ on his door. 

baxter says:

An woman canvassing for Ackerman came to our door this morning. I asked a few questions and she was pro. Knew what she was doing, quick with answers and not shy about slamming Norby. She implied that Norby might have psychological problems Since I’m voting for a Democrat it was all wasted on me.

Hmm. Doesn’t sound like your typical volunteer precinct walker, now does it? Did Mrs. Ackerman hire people to do her walking? That would square with what seems to have been a scripted character assassination of Norby, which is perfectly congruent with the Ackerman campaign strategy.

It could be that baxter just happened to get an experienced volunteer who was really on the ball. But somehow we have trouble believing that. Linda Ackerman has zero “grassroots” support in the 72nd, where she does not live, and except for a few die-hard Republican Women Federated types and a few of Dick’s old Rotarian buddies, she would have trouble scrounging up volunteers to hit the streets.

Why this operative wasted time going to the door of an evident Democrat is a bit puzzling, but maybe they figure they need every voter that they can bamboozle.


6 Replies to “Is Linda Ackerman Hiring Precinct Walkers?”

  1. Of course she’s hiring “volunteers.” Who else is going to walk precincts for the deer-in-the-headlights candidate from Irvine?

  2. It definitely appears to me that it is you GUYS that are Obsessed with Linda Ackerman more than they are of Norby. After all I have read from you, I WOULD NOT VOTE FOR EITHER OF THEM!!!!!! You people have a tendency to take things a little over board, For Fullerton right. I know go ahead and bash Me as you normally do when someone opposes you……

    1. McFly we are obsessed with having a state representative who lives in our district. After November 17th OUR obsession will be over.

      Bash you? Why? You may be suffering from a bit of a persecution complex. Dr. Ott might have an opening today for you.

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