“Loophole Linda” Ackerman Knows How to Game the System

Rules are made to bent. As far as possible. Unenforceable laws aren't really laws at all.
Rules are made to bend. As far as possible. Unenforceable laws aren't really laws at all.

We’ll say one thing for Mrs. Ackerman. In her years as her husband’s Sacramento helpmeet, Linda has learned well how to game the system to make money by skirting the intent of campaign financing laws.

We have already recounted the Pacific Policy Research Foundation scam – a phony non-profit whose only purpose to to get legislators to Hawaii – and into the clutches of waiting lobbyists posing as “expert” seminar speakers. Because the fraud is made to look like an educational endeavor, the politicians get to use their excess campaign funds to make trip – funds that would be otherwise off limits for personal use. Sweet.


Now, according to a Chris Norby mailer, it emerges that Mrs. Ackerman was on her own husband’s campaign payroll as a “consultant,” and raked in $76,000 for her efforts – whatever they were. Another brazen evasion of laws that are meant to keep politicians from pocketing campaign funds. It seems rules are simply there to be evaded. Art Pedroza at the Orange Juice blog has a post on the mailer here. Mrs. Ackerman is dubbed, appropriately enough, “Loophole Linda.”

Well, Mrs. Ackerman has pretty obviously gotten used to finding the angles and exploiting them for her and hubby Dick’s personal gain. That’s the way things are done in Sacramento; and that, Friends, is really her true experience  – gaming government. The rest is just smoke and mirrors – like her phony residency and her fake “self-applied “businesswoman” label.

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  1. It takes a certain kind of ability to always be looking out for the main chance, for self-promotion and enrichment.

    But that’s a kind of ability we can do without! It may play well up in Dick Jones’ neighborhood up on the hill, but we can do without it down where I live!

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