“Experienced Businesswoman”: More Unadulterated Bull Shit from Linda Ackerman

If by business you mean monkey business, thaen yes, I am a business woman.
If by business you mean monkey business, then yes, I am a business woman.

In the world of politics it is believed that if you just keep saying the same thing over and over again, eventually people will believe it.

Let’s consider Linda Ackerman’s repeated assertion (and the claim in many of her endorser’s statements that were obviously written for them) that she is an “experienced businesswoman.” Well, we would like to know just what that experience entails. Let’s let Linda’s campaign website help us out with a description of her vast business experience:

An experienced businesswoman, Linda serves as the Vice President of Financial Development for the Marian Bergeson Excellence in Public Service Series and a corporate board member of USCB, Inc., a California receivable and management company.

That’s it. No history, no resume. You’d think if there were any real accomplishments she’d be only too happy to share it with her would-be constituents. Hmm.

The Marian Bergeson blah-blah-blah isn’t a business. It’s a training program to promote female Republican politicians by having them learn the ins and outs of Repuglicanism. According to the Bergeson website, Ackerman is a member of an executive committee (it says nothing about her being a “Vice President” of anything). And in any case, “Development” is a polite way of saying “fundraising from corporate donors.”  No prizes offered for guessing who the targets of any fundraising are: corporate lobbyists! 

USCB is a sort of glorified “Check into Cash” for corporations who have extended credit to people like Ackerman’s would-be constituents. It’s a real business, all right, but being on its board hardly qualifies her as a businesswoman. And of course she got that part-time gig based entirely on who her husband was. The links on the USCB site take you to major health care trade associations, etc. Hmm. More lobbyists.

Of course we have already shared another of Mrs. Ackerman’s board positions, on The Pacific Policy Research Foundation,  a completely bogus 501(c)(3), whose sole reason for existing is to get state legislators and lobbyists holed up together in a five- star Maui hotel for a week. Funny, the Pacific Policy Research Foundation fails to appear in her biography. Come on, Linda, are you suddenly ashamed of the noble goals of the “public purpose” Foundation you created? What’s that? You’re afraid the public might not understand? Bet you’re right!

What is it about Linda Ackerman and lobbyists?

Finally, we have to ask: 

Mrs. Ackerman do you have any real business experience at all? Have you ever run your own business? Have you ever signed the front of a paycheck? Have you ever paid business taxes or fees, or worker’s comp? 

Or could it be your claim to be a “businesswoman” is as hollow as your empty claim to live in the 72nd? Is this claim just more campaign pabulum meant to be sucked up by a careless electorate?

9 Replies to ““Experienced Businesswoman”: More Unadulterated Bull Shit from Linda Ackerman”

  1. They all claim to be “business people.” Of course this woman has no real experience except being involved with her socialite charities.

    You’re right. It’s all pure bull shit dressed up for our consumption.

  2. My mother was a business woman, my wife is a businesswoman, my sister is a businesswoman, Linda Ackerman is not a businesswoman.

    Dear Friends, spread the word Linda Ackermans entire campaign is a fraud.

  3. Did you ever wonder where phony unreliable unprincipled “Republican” RINO Senators like Arlyn Specter and Olympia Snow and Susan Collins came from?

    Did you ever wonder how many more such phony, unreliable, small, unprincipled “Republican” elected representatives there are hiding in their “safe seats” waiting to betray the conservative voters who put them in office, based on FALSE campaign statements – published lavishly with lobbiest money or in the uniformly Leftist-Communist “main stream media”?

    These phony tricky lying creeps come from a STAND FOR NOTHING phony “conservative” Republican Party machine set up to perpetuate itself as actually just one tiny fraction of an inch “less” corrupt and “less” Socialist (i.e. government power and control is ALL that they seek and admire) than the thoroughly Leftist-Communist Democrat Party.

    We need actual principled conservative candidates as Republican nominees for elective office, ACTUAL LEADERS who stand for and stick with our principles of honesty and equal protection of the law, not phony know nothing, done nothing, stand for nothing “professional” fund raiser “business women.”

    The “business” of pandering to government or diverting government (i.e. taxpayer) money around to self-interests, which money should never have been taxed out of the taxpayer’s pocket in the first place, IS NOT BUSINESS, it is trickery and theft and kick backs under the false cover of “public service.” The stuff of all the Ed Royce phony-cronies (Ackerman, Jones, Bankhead and now McKinley).

  4. Stop being mean about ackerman’s better half, linda ackerman. doesnt FFFF know some wives of politicians successfully walk in their hubbie’s footsteps, like isabella peron, an ex-stripper and 3rd wife of juan peron, dictator(president) of argentina. Under her rule as president of argentina she made many people disappear.

  5. Hey Grover: While I’m totally with you on attacking the Hackermans, a quick correction: USCB is a collection agency–or at least used to when I was a data monkey for them earlier this decade. They used to be in Fullerton, in one of the towers on the intersection of Brea and Harbor (across the street from Hillcrest Park’s north side).

    Dick Hackerman once went into the offices. He seemed arrogant.

    1. Your facts are no doubt correct. Their website lists offices in Los Angeles, and….Sacramento.

      If they were a collection agency they have branched out, now advertising the capitalization of extended credit – bad credit, I presume, so once they own the debt the collection agency side then comes into play. The majority of their business could still be debt collection, or as they euphemistically put it “management.”

      I am extremely curious to know more about the history of this operation. It seems they expanded in scope and reach at just about the same time Ackerman got into the State Senate. A coincidence? Methinks not.

      I think another post is gestating!

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