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Here is Fullerton’s own congressman, Ed Royce, taking a rather, er, informal pose with a tall willowy blond woman at a recent White House function. Why this woman’s hand is on his chest is anybody’s guess, but judging by the happy look on Ed’s face he has granted his willing assent for this familiarity by a new friend.

Come back to my place and I'll show you my stamp collection...

Oh, and by the way, this is the female half of the uninvited couple who crashed the White House party, setting off a bit of a storm, security-wise. Since Ed is a super-duper¬†foreign affairs expert, let’s hope she didn’t pump him for any high-level information.

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  1. Ed is a great public servant. he’s sacrificed a lot to serve us in Congress. A guy with his abilities could be making millions a year in the private sector. Instead he’s sharing his expertise with the nation for peanuts.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Sullivan. People don’t realize the sacrifice these dedicated public servants make. All some people can see are White House parties, etc.

      We need Mr. Royce more than he needs us, let me tell you. As a CSUF grad he could be in the private sector making a boat load of money as a businessman or a lawyer or some sort of professional.

      Many people on this site resent Royce’s involvement in local politics, but he’s only doing that to make sure that Fullerton gets the best and brightest representation. He’ll always have my vote.

      Look forward!

  2. Judging by the lame-ass explanation he gave for the housing meltdown, I would say that Ed Royce’s expertise is worth exactly peanuts.

  3. Congressman Royce needs to pay more attention to the corruption in our local government instead of worrying about the corruption in Hamid Karzai;s government. The OC and his hometown , fullerton, is riddled with self-serving public servants who hide in nebulous government agencies and titles. the Keller collaborative is a good example of politicians abusing their positions to steal taxpayers’ money. this fact is unfortunately repeated too many times in local government. Royce and other Wash DC politicians need to take heed of the grassroots TEA party movement that demands representative government not representatives who spend their politcal career fretting over crooked politicians in far flung countries rift with tribal warfare. If incumbent royce wants to stay in office, he needs to work with and support his constituents fight against the abuses committed against them by our local, corrupt politicians.

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