Is Pam Keller Qualified to Be Mayor?

Yes. At least based on the abilities of those who have preceded her. People like Dick Jones, Don Bankhead, Mike Clesceri, Leland Wilson, etc., etc. Well, you get the point. To use a Harpoon line: a ling cod could do the job.

Yes. I could do that job.
Yes. I could do that job.

Yes, Friends it’s that time of year, when the largely brain-dead city council selects one of their own to preside over their meetings as they habitually rubber stamp what’s put in front of them by their staff. And so we pose the question in our title.

But let’s refine the question to address the idiot woman who showed up with Pam’s Pamette posse last week, and who insisted on framing the issue in gender terms: is Pam Keller qualified to be mayor because simple because she is a woman and it’s her turn? Here the whole thing breaks down into a pathetic little skirmish to see who can produce the stupidest reason for doing something.

If a food fish could do it, so could Pam, we think...
If a food fish could do it, so could Pam, we think...

The Ed Royce/Dick Ackerman team that recently crashed the Ackerwoman dirigible in a Raymond Hills fireball, will no doubt have been working hard behind the scenes to keep Keller out, using the same, brainless argument they always have: Fullerton is Republican so the mayor shoud be too; forget the fact that every RINO Royce and Ackerman have foisted on us in the past 20 years have virtually identical voting records with the handful of Democrats on the council. They probably will work the very two RINOS they have backed in the past – Bankhead and Jones to keep Keller out.

It wasn't pretty when she went down. Oh! The humanity!
It wasn't pretty when she went down. Oh! The humanity!

Counter that with the petulant fulminations of The Yellowing Fullerton Observers and the dopey gal at last meeting’s mike whose only recourse is: it’s her turn (hands clasped in fervent prayer, eyes transfixed on acoustical ceiling)! These alleged innocents proclaim their freedom from nasty political interests but never mention the fact that using the title “mayor” in her campaign propaganda will help Keller get re-elected.

We don't know our cloaca from a hole in the ground.
We don't know our cloaca from a hole in the ground.


Apart from the fact that these cretins generally deserve each other, we will repeat the same thing said elsewhere on these pages: the person who can get two other votes is the one who “deserves” to be mayor.

9 Replies to “Is Pam Keller Qualified to Be Mayor?”

  1. about Royce and the party crashing blond FFFF post. I can’t wait to read the title and caption under that image, I’m sure the suspense will be worth the wait.

    I also wish The Harpoon well, the rough seas off Japan takes no prisoners.

  2. Being mayor didn’t help Leland much when Pam knocked him out of office in ’06. On the other hand, would the title of mayor help Shawn win the race for Supervisor?

  3. If she was cunning, Pam would have made a deal with Jones and Bankhead back when she voted for their redevelopment expansion.

  4. Listen fellas. I championed rotating the mayor’s seat, dontcha remember? Ackerman was against me on rotation, and now you’re taking the Ackerman stance on the mayorship?

    You boys need to get on script! Tony, get this fella back in line!

    1. First of all, Shadow is not a “fella.”

      Norby was for the rotation when he wanted in and Ackerman wouldn’t let him. Later on when he had three votes he took it over for two years in a row. His attitude became decidedly more practical.

      And I assure you, if Hackerman were on the outside he would have been singing louder than anybody for a “fair” rotation.

      The best thing to do is quit all the hand-wringing and moaning and just figure out how to count to three!

  5. No. Pam Keller is not qualified to be mayor. FFFF’s exposure of the fullerton collaborative that allows Pam”happy face” to receive disguised kickbacks from developers makes her a crooked politician. Pam Keller’s immorality mocks our city’s government. those who blindly support her are either stupid or directly benefit from Keller’s machinations.

  6. If Pam could prove without any doubt that she never received any money from any developer via the collaborative, would we be asking these questions?

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