Pam Keller, Fiscal Conservative?

Update: here’s a post we did last July that was just so darn comical we decided to run it again. This falls under the heading of weird self-delusion; or, just say anything  – maybe somebody will believe it!

Here’s a fun clip:

“being fiscally conservative as the five of us are

Say What?  She’s gotta be kidding. Does she really believe this nonsense? Can she possibly believe anybody else does? She supported last year’s pension proposal plus the plan to hush it up. She was defending the multi-million dollar McDonald’s move mess right up to the point she realized the jig was up. We could go on and on.

The fact is that only Shawn Nelson can lay any claim to the title of fiscal conservative at all. Quirk can’t, and neither can the two RINOs on the council. Keller is a proud liberal Democrat, seemingly. We read her gushing report from the local Obama rally, a few months back, and we have got to conclude that she goes for all that stuff Obama likes. Now, this is all well and good. Lots of our Friends are libs; Hell, some are even Green! But why for God’s sake pretend to be something you are not? Pam, be proud of your political philosophy. Embrace it. Shout it out loud – you’re a fiscal liberal, and you’re proud! Don’t run from it; it got you elected.

Pam, dear, you may be many things to many people, but a fiscal conservative you ain’t.

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  1. Too funny! Did she really believe no one was listening? Why can’t these bozos just learn to be quiet.

    She also wants to start a city blog!

  2. P.S.: Now all we have to show for this supersized boondoggle is a huge fenced-off empty lot at Pomona & Chapman.

    We’re back to square one there. But there’s also a real opportunity. Staff was ready to give it away to McDonald’s. Let’s get a really creative developer/architect. This could be a statement corner.

    1. Nuh-uh. Let’s sell it off and try to recoup some of our losses.

      But the point of this post is Keller’s conservatism which is microscopic, if even extant.

  3. Dear Mrs. Keller, Evidently there are some words you like to use but dont understand the meaning of.

    Here’s a quick lesson on fiscal conservative 101. Under no circumstance EVER would a fiscal conservative even consider any financial negotiation where she would agree to pay for something that has already been paid for. Sounds so simple it borders on insult, however, this is exactly what you were trying to do by offering a RETROACTIVE pension increase to the employees.

    Now lesson 102 is why you would never agree to bump the current pension benefit at all, ever if it had been on a going forward basis only, but I digress. The simple fact that you did not know from the git-go that the pension give away was akin to selling your own child’s soul to the devil eliminates any opportunity for you to ever credibly discuss yourself as a “fiscal conservative”.

    In an effort to clearly illustrate why no fiscal conservative would ever consider a retroactive increase of any kind, consider this elementary example: What if you had been using your own money instead of the tax payers? Add to that the person receiving the money was your gardner and not the city employees. What are the odds you would agree to not only give your gardener a pay raise but that you would agree to give the raise backward for every year he had worked for you even though you had always paid on time for service in years past? Answer: Zero percent chance.

    Non of this even touches on the fact the Barack Obama heavily believes in the idea of wealth redistribution as a foundational principal of all his economic policies. As a supporter you can not have it both ways. I understand that you did not take economics as part of your elementary school teacher credential, however, anyone with a basic level of economics knows wealth redistribution is a fiscally LIBERAL philosophy, not conservative.

    There must be something you find atractive about the sound of the word “fiscal conservative” but you clearly have no idea what it means.

    Mrs. Keller, you are a lot of things like all of us, but one thing you are not is a fiscal conservative.

  4. Ms. Keller, please be more conservative from now on. I don’t think Big Macs are the most fiscally conservative choice. Have you considered the 99 cent Whopper? Or how about the Redevelopment Agency subsidized Price Club Hot Dog Deal (that includes a re-fillable soda)! Or do you think you can get the Agency to help Fullerton become the first city in the country to subsidize a 69 cent Double Roscoe Burger with a ton of curly fries? That would go quite well with alot of loud amplified rock and roll!

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