Mickadeit & Wisckol: Useful Idiots in Linda Ackerman’s Phony Campaign

What do I look like? A renter?
What do I look like? A renter?

Just in case you needed any more evidence that the two Register political reporters/bloggers Martin Wisckol and Frank Mickadeit are anything other than tools in the Ackerman tool shed, observe this hard hitting piece by Wisckol in his GOP celebrity column, Total Buzz.

A “granny flat”! How quaint! Linda Ackerman is doing what the Ackerman’s seem to do best – mislead the public; here into thinking they’re actually renting an abode in Fullerton. She claims that she and Dick are renting three rooms, plus “kitchen privileges.” What a load of crap. Granny units have kitchens, Linda.

Instead Mrs. Ackerman is renting an address on Lindendale in order to legitimize a carpetbagging political campaign. Nobody, not even her camp followers believe she is living in the place.

The second funniest part of this sad lie is that she claims that renting an apartment is just soooo hard! How would she know? Did she actually try?

And the funniest part is how the sycophant Wisckol just passes along this tripe, all gussied up for credibility now that a “real” reporter has posted it. Note also that Wisckol says there is a “whisper campaign” that his dear Linda is carpetbagging. WTF?

Listen up Marty:


Is that loud enough for you, Mr. Wisckol? And just in case you missed it:

We wouldn't be surprised if these didn't sstart popping up along Chapman Avenue...
We wouldn't be surprised if these started popping up along Chapman Avenue...

6 Replies to “Mickadeit & Wisckol: Useful Idiots in Linda Ackerman’s Phony Campaign”

  1. I quit my subscription to the Register because of the GOP propaganda Mickadeit & Wisckolk kept dishing out.

  2. admin, both of the two stooges should be good candidates for the Wurlitzer Prize. Didn’t one of their coworkers Barbara watchamaface win that award last year?

  3. admin :
    LR, yes they both qualify for the Wurlitzer. >

    Only the best work for the OC Register, they do have an award wining team of writers: Barbara, Frank, Martin, Landsbaum. I cant wait to see who gets nominated for the prestigious Wurlitzer.

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