Council Majority Pulls Plug on Pamette’s Posse; Proposes: Go Pound Pumice

Well it happened last night. Joe and I made a quick trip out to Pechanga to blow our lottery winnings and so we missed it.

Wait 'til next year. If there is a next year.
Wait 'til next year. If there is a next year.

Pam Keller was denied her turn in the Mayoral tether ball court, forgetting that to be Mayor you need three votes. Her posse must be sorely disappointed with the shut out. The Yellowing Fullerton Observer will no doubt be putting out a special edition decrying the end of civilization, and the barbarians at the gate, and whatever other nonsense they can cook up; maybe they can get some delish quotes from the gal with no “political whatevers.”

Anyway, Friends, get ready for a tsunami of self-righteous boohoo outrage.

Those little marshmallows really make the cocoa better...
Those little marshmallows really make the cocoa better...

Don Bankhead, who has been on the City Council since right before The Flood, will be mayor again next year. He voted for himself, as did Dick Jones and Shawn Nelson. We have been told that Ol’ Doc Jones coughed up a supremely sublime HeeHaw Moment that we will be sharing later. Apparently Nelson kept his mouth shut, which shows unusual perspicacity for a politician; we have to wonder if he isn’t still plenty pissed off at Keller for her attacks on him after he stood up for the citizens of Fullerton on the pension spike finagle last year.

As a consolation prize Keller got to stay mayor pro tem, a pretty useless ballot designation, but at least the word mayor is in it.

17 Replies to “Council Majority Pulls Plug on Pamette’s Posse; Proposes: Go Pound Pumice”

  1. Nelson has every right to be pissed off at the attacks on him. His whistle-blowing on the retroactive pension spike (blatant buy-off of public unions) is the single greatest act by a council member in the decade I’ve been paying any attention. .

  2. Jones was using the ‘ol “don’t change horses in mid-stream” analogy.

    This situation is more comparable to not changing one’s underwear after having sharted.

  3. cant wait until the next old guy gets on, recently retired chief mckinley.

    fullerton will smell like laguna woods (lisure world) again with some 900 year old ex-cops running our city.

    “Slow down punk, im shopping for Antiquest with the red-hats on harbor…”


  4. The concept of “sharing” has proven to be nonsense. The system has shown that the real effect is to “not” elect someone Mayor. Does not the negation of leadership by our 5 electeds suggest to anyone there at FFFF the need to call for a real ( voter elected) Mayor?

  5. The Observer continues to endorse Bankhead and Jones yet they will not support Keller.

    Nelson on the other hand has never been supported by the Observer, Keller or any of the lib elite in Fullerton yet watch Sharon the loon Kennedy find a way to blame Nelson for this. Double standard?

  6. Can’t say Pam didn’t have that one coming. If fact, she’s got alot more due her for her call-out of Nelson. I can’t wait to see if she is foolish enough to run again with that albatross around her neck.

  7. She blew it by SUPPORTING DALY, should have stayed clear of that whole thing. I bet Shawn would have been fine with that…

  8. friends for fullerton future, thank you for starting to clean up our town. As a Fullerton lifer, I’ve watched this city grow and then corrupted by skanks and cranks masquerading as the voice of our town.

    1. Now, now, PAM FAN, let’s not have a conniption. With any luck Pam will never have to worry again about getting elected mayor.

  9. I have a question for Pam Fan. Is it your feeling that Pam can treat the other council members any way she wishes and they owe her a vote for mayor no matter what? Does she have any responsibility to earn a vote from one of the three that ultimately supported Bankhead?

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