Very recently OC County Clerk Tom Daly opened a branch office in downtown Fullerton. Now, while some may think this is a good thing, we here at FFFF are caused to wonder about the expansion of the Clerk’s premises while the County is in major financial retrenchment mode with lots of folks getting pink slips. Fullerton has done just fine without a Clerk/Recorder branch office for over 120 years.

Now the Clerk/Recorder gets to pay rent every month for its posh new digs while already occupying space, bought and paid for, at the County Civic Center.Is the opening of this office and the soon-to-be announced candidacy of Daly for 4th District supervisor coincidental? We think not. Winning Fullerton is key to winning the 4th and it sure looks like Daly is trying hard to raise his visibility level in F-town. If not, why did he wait until his seventh year in office to make this move?

Oh, we truly are cynical, aren’t we?

Rather than expand his physical presence in the County, Daly ought to be figuring out a way to computerize the Clerk/Recorder function completely thus saving people the hassle of having to go his offices at all, wherever they may be.


  1. Sad story. So this Daly guy thinks he can win us over by opening an office filled with government workers. No way. Back to Anaheim Dude!

  2. Joe, Daly’s got some juice with some high hitting OC Republican political operatives/lobbyist. John Lewis for starters, and I’m on a trail that might lead to others that Lewis owns/owes. I’m not buying his gig!

  3. How much money are we spending every month so Tom Daily can claim he did something for North County?

    Earth to Tom: How about making the marriage process a completely electronic one? Download your application, sign under penalty of perjury and get it notarized. Then scan it and e-file it with the clerk to get your certificate. Oh ya, that might actually allow you to cut staff and shrink your budget. Never mind.

  4. #4, “why is this office only open from 9-4?” Ask yourself this question, why should it be open at all?

    #5, “How about making the marriage process a complete electronic one?” Answer: that would save the County money, that’s an oxymoron.

  5. Is this the same Clerk-Recorder that requires me to retrieve public documents by snail-mailing in a slip of paper with some hand-written numbers on it, along with a check for $1.50?

  6. That’s right, Travis. And he also hired some gladhander named Phil Tsunoda to be his “Director of External Affairs” ??!! and former Times writer Jean Pasco as some sort of public relations person – all in a seeming effort to raise his visibility with the public.

    In year 7 he decides to reach out to Fullerton? Sad, cynical and self-defeating.

    Back to Anaheim, Dude!

  7. That Tsunoda guy now works for Norby. Maybe getting ready to work for Daly again?

    Why can’t these people go out and get real jobs?

  8. If Daly runs for Supervisor in the 4th after doing this, somebody should wear a wire tap on him and take it to Rukakis…then move to Chicago.

  9. I am glad that the residents of this great County realize how sneaky and piece of crap Tom Daly is.

    He literally is using County funds to get his name out there. How? By hiring Jean Pasco and others to get his name out there, putting his name in bold upper case letters in all documents, envelopes, software, not to mention his photo in all the offices (santa ana, room 101 & 106), old courthouse, south County, and north County. And the latest… a Fullerton office.

    All this to win your vote as Supervisor in the 4th district.

    Tell Tom to stop spending our County Money for his political gain!


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