In a surprising move Pam Keller and Sharon Quirk performed a U turn at last night’s council meeting on the subject of commission appointment process. At the “first reading” of a new ordinance the proposal was defeated 3-2, with the support of Shawn Nelson.

Although previously supporting the jettisoning of direct appointments and replacing it with the old, cumbersome interview process, both Keller and Quirk, upon reflection, decided that exercising individual authority and accountability is part of the responsibility of being elected to public office. We commend them for making the right choice.

As expected, council mastodons Bankhead and Jones refused to emerge from Fullerton’s last ice age, and vociferously defended the old interview process in which retired government statocrats such as themselves had a disproportionate amount of influence choosing appointees of like mind and temperament.

The process of filling “at-large” commission seats will now be handled in special council sessions, in public. To which we respond – bravo! Transparency and responsibility!

Someday, perhaps the council will simply abandon these at-large seats and operate with five member commissions, each member of which responsible to his or her elected representative. In the meantime we congratulate the majority of the council for doing the right thing.


  1. Good for them.

    Bankhead and Jones are looking stupider and more useless than ever. Maybe they can be frozen into a glacier or something and the rest of us can proceeed with the Twenty First Century.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Williams.

    I’ve lived in Fullerton for most of my adult life and know it like the back of my hand, if you’ll pardon the cliche.

    But I must remain psuedonymous -for now.

  3. Actually, Bankhead and Jones are already trapped in a tarpit of Royce and Ackerman’s creation.

    They don’t know it yet but in a few years their remains will be on display in a political natural history museum.

  4. If you were an oversized mammal that had just strayed into a tarpit don’t you think it would become pretty obvious real quick that you had a problem?

    Jones and Bankhead have been glued to those seats too long. This issue is just one more reason to have term limits.

  5. Isn’t it interesting that the two buffoons are from Texas? The same retarded province that foisted Bush on us for eight long, dreadful yers, There must be something in the water back there that hardens the arteries.

  6. What is bizarre about all this is that there is anyone unable to see through Blankheads “arguments”. Basically he liked it when he could set all interviews during the day and he and Flory picked all the appointees. Obviously he would like to go back to the old way. Hats off to Quirk and Keller for coming to their senses. My suspicion is that they never really thought about this before the first vote. Obviously the two that have benefited most by the current method is them. It is getting more and more pathetic to watch Jones up there.

  7. Commissioner – it is “pathetic” to watch Jones, but, it makes me realize just how uninformed the voters really are to keep voting for him. I guess it all comes down to one thing, $$$$$$$

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