Ackerman Ventriloquism Animates Brain-dead Puppets in Brea

There's a little stick that works the mouth...
There's a little stick that works the mouth...

Just as we reported earlier today about Orange, the Linda Ackerman campaign coughed up some more local endorsements, this time in Redevelopment-friendly Brea – where nobody’s property is safe from the City – if they want it.


Here are the two money “quotes”:

“For over 30 years, Linda has served the people of this community,” said Brea Mayor John Beauman. “I support Linda because she is for people, not politics.”

Ho, ho, ho! Mr. Beauman who is known as a bit of a dim bulb supports Linda because she is “for people.” Evidently he is unaware of her Pacific Policy Research Foundation vacation/lobbyist scam; or that she used her husband’s campaign fund as a family cash cow. But Linda is for people. Well, hell! Linda and Dick are “people,” right? So everything’s kosher.

Then there’s this sparkling little jewel:

“I know that Linda will bring a fair, business-minded approach to the state’s budget debacle. The taxpayers of Brea need her in Sacramento to fight for fiscal responsibility and limited government,” said former Mayor of Brea Bev Perry.

More hilarity! We’ve already discounted Ackerman’s so-called business experience so we can dismiss that; what other tools she has in her shed to tackle the state’s “budget debacle” goes unstated by Perry. We’re pretty sure by now that Ackerman will be fair – and give all those Sacramento lobbyists their day at the trough. As far as responsibility and limited government go, we can only say that putting those words in Bev Perry’s mouth attains a new level of political cynicism – even for the Ackermans. Bev Perry was part of the Brea Redevelopment eminent domain machine that ran roughshod all over property owners in what used to be their downtown. Who’s next Lynn “Bulldozer” Daucher?

What a team!

Puppets on a string

13 Replies to “Ackerman Ventriloquism Animates Brain-dead Puppets in Brea”

  1. These cats in Brea, ALL aging old white dudes. Are scared shitless that thier sell out of the cities prime real estate pie might have to be shared.

    Beauman will repeatedly dodge the residency issue and will talk about Norby’s distain for “Singular Revenue”.

    This old man is WAY out of touch, the racist Schmirnoff and FAG hating Garcia round out the bunch.

    At least you can depend on Don Schwitzer to be courteious, and civic minded. BEAUMAN is a whore.

  2. Henry, do you have any specific examples of what Beauman did to be called a whore besides endorsing carpet bagging loophole Linda?

  3. I just finished watching the CRA shindig in La Habra and once again it was as if Linda Ackerman was, well, forget about the same zip code, she wasn’t in the same state compared to Chris Norby.

    Its been a long night so If Admin will indulge me, I will write a full report in the morning for Bushala to post. My brain is totally numb from Linda’s inferior intellect. She really must have majored in Stengellese or she took logic classes from Yogi Berra.

    Beer, lots of beer.

    Email me your email, Tony.

  4. Dead White Male.

    I live in Brea.

    And yes they do, check out Ron Garcia. His Gay bashing posse of endorsers.

    I watched these fools at the Sports Park opening (which btw spent $100K on seats that you can’t see the field from and to which Bauman answered “we’ll we don’t get that many people anyway”

    While at the opening two counclil members openly discussed how the park was not there for: “Mexican Soccer Clubs from La Habra”.

    Where do you live? Not in reality.

  5. Admin.

    I consider selling out the community for tax revenue short sided and “WHORING”.

    I am especially concerned with his relationship with the developers at Cheveron, who in concert with the BOUSD changed plans to develop La Floresta.

    Follow the money, look at the changes. Old people don’t go to school. Thats convienent.

    What would you guys call him?

  6. Brea Redevelopment eminent domain machine that ran roughshod all over property owners in what used to be their downtown.

    I used to look at new fake-old Brea with a kind of superior air of disgust thinking that my historic downtown Fullerton would never be home to that kinda kitsch. I miss my naivete just slightly more than I miss
    Sam’s $1 beers and sense of TRUE history.

  7. #9 and in the end the city needed a millionare from Newport to bail them out.

    Now we sit with the largest of the lot’s (Tower) sitting empty.

    1. Well, Minard, despise is probably a better word. After all when she was done taking people’s peoperty up in Brea so the Redevelopment Agency could build their little fantasy land, she decided to carpetbag (oh gee, where have we encountered that lately?) in the 34th Senate District (as the Ackerman puppet, naturally).

      And when that failed, Arnie gave her a gummint job.

      No, dislike is far too mild a word.

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