800 Pound Gorilla For Council in 2010?

A while back Congressman and purveyor of lousy RINO city council candidates, Ed Royce, was overheard bragging about the 800 pound gorilla he was going to be unleashing on Fullerton political scene. Who was this electoral juggernaut? None other than now former Police Chief Pat McKinley.

He's big. He's bad. He's baaaaack!
He's big. He's bad. He's baaaaack!

With McKinley’s endorsement of Mrs. Ackerman to replace her disgraced pal Mike Duvall, the pieces all seem to fit. It looks like McKinley has indeed decided to run for City Council next year and has worked out an endorsement swap with the Repuglican elite.

The choice of McKinley on the part of the Repugs would in no way be surprising. As an ex-cop he could be counted on to secure the law ‘n order vote as well as charm the bluehairs. He’s getting up there age-wise, and in poses zero political threat to the Repug machine. Who cares if he is an ex-city government employee and likely to go along with every staff proposal and boondoggle? He would be following in the proud footsteps of Don Bankhead, Dick Jones, Leland Wilson, Mike Clesceri, Julie Sa, Peter Godfrey, Buck Catlin, and even Dick Ackerman himself. Who knows? Maybe even the Yellowing Observers might go along for the ride. After all they went with Dick Jones, right?

Best of all, he’s not a female Democrat, the hideous monster that inhabits Ed Royce’s closet at night.

Ed left the closet door open again...
Oops! Ed's left the closet door open again...

11 Replies to “800 Pound Gorilla For Council in 2010?”

  1. Good post, but you forgot to mention the whole “McKinley Vest” scam perpetrated on Fullerton and that fact that McKinley spent the other half of his time looking the other way while his service club and Chamber pals trashed downtown Fullerton with illegal night clubs, amplified music, etc. Under his watch downtown Fullerton became an open air bar with fighting, attempted rapes, and even a murder.

    It’s true the council looked the other way too, but as top cop the law enforcement buck had to stop with McKinley. He’s got a record. Would anybody use it?

  2. Our downtown was absolutely trashed under Pat McKinley’s command. For years he let the abuse of the likes of former officer John Cross go unpunished, only taking action when individual officers who had seen enough of this kind of sanctioned bad-coppery anonymously contacted The Fullerton Observer ( article here ), because McKinley was doing nothing to clean his dirty house.

    The condoned beatings (CAUGHT ON TAPE but only punishable by demotion in McKinley’s eyes), the hate crimes, illegal procedural enforcement (audio recorders not used), ignoring of years of complaints, the additional cost of at least four more full-time officers, and zappy new tasers to try out on the drunks…and silly vests…and who knows what all other money making schemes deemed necessary because of the lawlessness in Fullerton that McKinley helped create.

    Some of us plebs haven’t forgotten yet how this game was played the expense of our community’s safety, peace, and tax dollars. Pat McKinley should be ashamed at what a terrible job he has done.

  3. Good lord, another city insider poised to attach himself to the machine like a crusty old barnacle! When will we be allowed to wake up from this never-ending string of nightmares?

  4. Our downtown was trashed under Pat McKinley’s Command? How about the City Council that approved and even encouraged the growth of bars downtown. How about Shawn Nelson and his vested interest of bars downtown. I’m sure that had NOTHING to do with the expansion of the downtown area. Guess what, the Chief of Police works for the City Manager and the City Council.

    1. This blog entry and my reply were specific to Pat McKinley, but absolutely the Council, et al. are ALSO culpable.

  5. The truth is that we need 6 beat-cops (that’s six cops walking a beat – NOT beating people) for Thursday through Saturday nights. Council wont pony up the money and McKinley (to my knowledge) never asked for it. Why didn’t FPD hire more reserves? Reserves are great for that sort of job and they cost very little.

    I like downtown even with the bars, but we need a strong police presence to deal with the elements. There should be a fee associated with the liquor licenses which should help with managing the inherent crime that will occur.

    IMO, our former Chief would be a BAD idea for Fullerton. I didn’t like the way he ran the PD. It was like a miniature L.A.P.D. Look at his resume and you’ll see why.

    Maybe I should run… Either run for council or run for the exit!

  6. Greg… the city stopped paying the reserve officers all together so they could pay the new chief all the money he wanted before agreeing to be hired.

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