Fullerton Councilperson Quirk is Developing a Hearing Problem; or a Memory Problem; or a Truth Problem

At the Fullerton City Council meeting on December 16, 2008, Councilperson Sharon Quirk said she had never had one person complain about the loud noise from Roscoe’s, and didn’t know it was an issue, and if it was so loud she should be able to hear it from her house. Quirk only lives a mile from Roscoe’s, as if anything less were unimportant! She said that right after Mrs. Teti spoke at the public hearing. Mrs. Teti lives next to and works at Richman School with Quirk, she told this blogger that she had spoken to Quirk on several occasions regarding her family’s years-long plight of being awoken between the hours of 10PM and 2AM by loud music and amplified background crowd noise emanating from Roscoe’s.

Now let’s hear from Mrs. Teti’s husband Mr. Ron Teti addressing the City Council on February 19, 2008.

16 Replies to “Fullerton Councilperson Quirk is Developing a Hearing Problem; or a Memory Problem; or a Truth Problem”

  1. Typical. Incompetent, cowardly, ignrant and foolish.

    I guess that makes her perfectly qualified to be on the Fullerton City Council. Sort of like a young Molly McClanahan.

  2. So Quirk is caught in a bald-faced lie, trying to protect the guy who threw a fundraiser for her. And didn’t she recuse herself on some earlier issue (that she didn’t want to vote on) by claiming the fundraiser constituted a “conflict of interest”. I wonder how her admirers at the Observer will ignore this.

  3. The Observer will write nothing on the subject. Unless Judith or Vince can convince SK to pull her head out of the sand, the end is near.

  4. Vince? Vince Buck? That tired old boohoo who writes about local politics for the Slobserver because he teaches poli-sci at Cal State? He’s the worst enabler of the bunch. He’s been supporting featherhead “liberals” for the Fullerton CC fo 20 years and although he keeps getting disappointed when he realizes he might have just as well have voted for the Chamber of Commerce Republican, keeps backing the same sort.

    Somebody ask Vince what he thinks about Keller and Quirk voting for the Jefferson Commons and Amerige Court disasters!

  5. Sadly, Joe is correct about Professor Buck. I’ve known Vince for over 18 years. He’s a decent guy who can see what’s going on, but he just doesn’t have the huevos to report it. And if he tried the Observer would’t print it.

    So why does he keep schlepping for the retards? Who knows? But don’t count on any courage from him. Judy K is much more likely to call a spade a spade. If they will let her.

  6. Quirk is getting pretty quirky. I think its time to find out who’s giving her money.

    Can I get my vote back?

  7. I’m not happy at the way you guys are going about this. Quirk was nice enough to allow us to tear down three historic buildings in downtown fullerton and let another developer friend of mine tear down many other buildings near CSUF for a nine story parking structure that has a bunch of crowded student housing units wrapped around it. Leave Quirk alone.

  8. I spoke with Sharon Quirk yesterday. She apologized for not remembering that Mr. Teti addressed the council on the matter back in February. I believe she is truly sorry and we forgive her. She is a stand up person and a Friend of Fullerton’s future.

  9. Oh come on. She forgot that this guy’s wife nagged her everyday at work about it? Yeah, suuuuuure.

    She’ll might be a friend of F-town’s future if she stopped supporting monster apartment projects that fail to follow proper environmental review.

  10. LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. A liar apologizes for “not remembering”? That’s not an apology. That’s just another lie! And now you forgive her because she lied twice instead of once.

    And of course she still wants Mr. and Mrs. Teti to come across as liars themselves. That’s a third lie!

    Shame, shame, shame.

  12. I suppose this blog would have some credibility if Roscoes EVER played music until 2:00, which they haven’t. The difference between good blogs and bad blogs is the accuracy of the statements and moderation of the blogging author. THIS ONE SUCKS!

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