Former Fullerton Councilperson Flory aims for young bicyclists; drives neighborhood into ditch

Former Fullerton Councilperson Jan Flory (shown above, after three cocktails) filed a formal nuisance complaint on my property near the Brea Dam because my 14 year old son and his friends were riding their bikes on it. Mrs. Flory lives about half a mile from this property. Maybe she was offended because I put a fence around the area where she takes her dog to do its business. Seriously, Flory has never liked my family, and evidently saw an opportunity to cause trouble for me; but really, to take out her spite on kids is pretty low – even for her.

As ringleader of a phony neighborhood group she got a few folks agitated enough to believe they had a case. And for a while she must have thought things were going pretty well – Public Nuisance Inspector Clouseau agreed with Flory.

Fortunately reason and common sense prevailed over vindictiveness when the Planning Commission, acting as the Board of Appeals, unanimously denied Flory’s contention that riding bicycles on my property was a public nuisance. Click here to watch the meeting, scroll forward to 1:53:15.

The sorriest part of this nasty little episode was when Flory insinuated that my 14 year old son and his friends were responsible for a burglary and car theft in her neighborhood after the initial complaint was filed.  This insinuation has become part of the record in two public hearings and stands as a permanent reminder of just how sad, bitter and vindictive Jan Flory can be.

Tony Bushala

14 Replies to “Former Fullerton Councilperson Flory aims for young bicyclists; drives neighborhood into ditch”

  1. Yup. Angry, jealous, spiteful. The best night in the history of Fullerton was when Leland Wilson bumped her off.

  2. Excuse me but anyone who knows Jan Flory knows full well that she is an accomplished drunk and would not be this tipsy after a mere warmup of three cocktails! 13 maybe. Here’s to you Jan.

  3. The only good thing Leland Wilson ever accomplished in Fullerton was getting rid of this bitter witch. But for that he should be remembered fondly. I propose an official “Leland Wilson Day.”

  4. Iron Mikey, be careful of what you say about Mr. Fullerton. Leland helped me achieve my goal of getting myself connected to the Chicago mob.

  5. It feels soooooooooo goooood to hear someone blast Jan Flory, the most snide, vindictive piece of trash who ever ran for office. Thank you for this forum where most of the time truth is spoken.

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