Barbara Giasone Wins Wurlitzer Prize

Here in Fullerton we have long recognized Barbara Giasone’s special brand of journalism. Now it seems, others have caught on, too:

PHILADELPHIA – The Wurlitzer Press Foundation of Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania announced today that Barbara Giasone of the Fullerton (California) News Tribune has won the prestigious annual Wurlitzer Prize, which recognizes achievement in journalistic vacuity.

Herb Dillman of the Foundation was effusive in his praise for Giasone. “Barbara has established a new level of excellence in the regurgitation of city hall press releases. In her admirable career she has always managed to avoid writing anything with the slightest hint of criticism of officialdom; or anything that snacks of criticism of anything, really.” Giasone was generous to share credit with her employer. “My boss is wonderful,” she said. “Most editors demand that their reporters do things like investigate and report what really happened. Mine has never made me sully my principles with that kind of stuff. I’m really a team player at heart and I don’t want anybody in city hall to look bad. And, of course, all that digging and questioning that some reporters do really takes a lot of energy.”

Fullerton spokesperson, Cynthia Smudge was enthusiastic about the award. “I don’t know what we’d do without Barbara,” she said. “She is always so reliable and never asks any embarrassing questions. She’s a real treasure. Worth her weight in gold. We put out a press release and bang, there it is in the paper – just the way we wrote it. It’s great!” The Prize, a valuable coupon book good at unpermitted downtown Fullerton bars and dance halls, will be mailed to Giasone tomorrow.

Geez, we didn’t know there was a Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania.

10 Replies to “Barbara Giasone Wins Wurlitzer Prize”

  1. Congrats, Babs. Well deserved. It can’t be easy having no journalistic instincts or integrity, and yet having to pretend you’re a real reporter when nobody believes it.

    The City of Fullerton should be giving you a stipend. But I bet they don’t.

  2. I still can’t believe she won the prestigious Wurlitzer Prize. After a candidate’s forum, Barb reported that 12 year incumbent Mr. Jones supported term limits, while everyone in attendance (including a camcorder) heard the complete opposite.. what planets she on?

  3. Harold, I think you’re right. There’s also precedence. Remember that blithering idiot Jackie Brown at the News Tribune? She was so incompetent that the Observer sucked her right in.

  4. Despite the fact that she looks like Mrs. Claus she is not harmless. She is actually a menace to intelligent thought. She’s gotta go. Ho ho.

  5. good job barbara, you have always been an encouragment to us here in fullerton. some people just think to highly of themselves and refuse to accept your recognition. God bless

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