Kitty Throws Hello Party For Self

A couple weeks ago FFFF posted about Fullerton’s 4th District Council election this fall. Incumbent Bruce Whitaker will be incumbent no longer – finally termed out. One of the subjects was the candidacy of Ms. Vivian “Kitty” Jaramillo, a former City employee, former council candidate, and most recently an annoying presence at City Council meetings.

Well, it turns out the wheels of another Jaramillo candidacy were indeed in motion. Here’s an invite to her coming out party. Oops. Somebody doesn’t use spellcheck.

“Appetisers” for all…booze is extra.

Josh Newman and Sharon Quirk-Silva are taking time out of their busy schedules messing up California to be there, so Ms. Kitty must have the backing of the OC Democrat operation, although this time there will be no fake candidates created to protect an incumbent.

So the first battle line is drawn: do we want another former public employee on the Fullerton City Council? Do we want one who will certainly be willing to raise our taxes to support her pension? Do we want Ahmad Zahra to have a third vote to promote stupid vanity projects that will promote his “brand?”

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    1. Not really. The present council is already neck-deep in silly liberal stuff and if questioned would say “we have no choice.”

      I’m much more concerned about more stupid decisions meant to be make-work projects and vanity schemes – like the Trail to Nowhere and the just plain criminal “boutique hotel” scam where staff cooked up triple the density permitted in the Transportation Center plan.

      One thing is for certain – if Jaramillo were to get in thee would even less accountability than ever. And that’s hard to believe.

  1. So, what does Whitaker say about a good replacement, or what is the GOP doing to find a suitable candidate?


    1. It’s not about GOP or Dem. Fitzgerald was a Repug, and so were Leland Wilson, Mike Clesceri, Julie Sa, Don Bankhead, Dick Jones, Buck Catlin. All of them go-along staff stooges. Hardly any different than the liberals on the council.

      1. So it would be wrong for her to accept an endorsement or any sort of help from the OC Democrat Party.

        Thanks for that.

        1. JRH lives in his own tiny skull-sized kingdom where his is lord, judge and jury. Reality isn’t real and his arguments always win in the vacuous echo chamber the is the Court of His Mind.

  2. I was at a council meeting recently, and kitty was sitting behind me. When my husband got up to speak on an issue she heckled him repeatedly because she did not agree with what he was saying. I turned around and kindly said would you mind keeping it down that’s my husband speaking let’s keep things civil and she said with as much anger and venom as she could muster…shut up!!
    I turned around and said to her
    “point proven” and this time she yelled SHUT UP!!
    Is this the kind of politician we want? Someone yells shut up when she doesn’t agree with you? She has no manners, no civility and is just plain rude! If people like kitty can get on the city council, our city is doomed!!

    1. This reflects an attitude of entitlement and arrogance – the Zahra formula.

      It’s also been demonstrated over the years by Jan Flory, who held citizens in utter contempt.

  3. What to see what she is all about?

    Check the local Next Door app.
    Higher taxes (to cover her pension) and Marijuana dispensaries will abound!

  4. Remember when Kitty said in a LOWV candidate forum in 2012 that she wanted Fullerton to have a great police department, “like we had before July 5, 2011”? Good times.

  5. I don’t know when the lightbulb will go on for our current council majority that our city is dying. We have been pinching penny’s for much too long and our city’s infrastructure shows it. If they would put on their thinking caps and allow legal dispensaries they could be the super heroes of Fullerton‼️Vote only candidates in favor of legalizing

          1. “Thank you for your continued interest in legalizing marijuana dispensaries in Fullerton. Unfortunately we still have the same 3 councilman, Whitaker, Jung & Dunlap, who voted against this issue. So let’s be sure when any of these 3 are up for re-election to show up and vote them OUT! Our city is losing millions of dollars each year that dispensaries are not allowed. We all know how desperate we are for a stronger budget……”

            1. Oh that is RICH. What was she doing in 2012 when the FPOA spent over $40,000 claiming that Travis and Bruce were gonna bring pot shops to Fullerton? Oh yeah, she was prostrating herself before them, begging for their endorsement.

  6. One thing is clear, she doesn’t like to walk. She said exactly that at a city council meeting. That clip is golden.

    1. None of the advocates for the Trail to Nowhere look like they’ve been anywhere near a trail. Or a gym. Or a bicycle.

  7. About 50-60 people currently at her kick-off shindig.
    All the usual suspects.
    I will say this, birds of a feather…….
    Didn’t hear any new bright ideas from anyone.
    Only the same old bloviating and self promotion I am used to hearing from this bunch of destroyers.
    God help us.

      1. If you want pictures, check out The Observer. They just did a bang up job per the norm with their latest political fluff piece for one of their own. Don’t expect much substance, but the photos are nice.

  8. When that bitch worked for “Code Enforcement” she used to go around and fuck with people who didn’t kiss her fat ass. She would harass good law abiding people for the most minor issues and give losers a pass for the most egregious code violations. She is an exemplar of the worst kind of city employees.

    1. She is no longer code enforcement but keeps turning on her neighbors and reporting them for silly made up issues

  9. Newman is supporting her? Has he not figured out that he has a new district and hardly any of Fullerton is in it? Guess he wants to get beat in November.

  10. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Looks like Jabba the Hutt, and we all know that didn’t end well…

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