Let the Victimhood Begin!

Yes, Friends, it’s that time of year again, when Fullerton’s City Council chooses one of its number to act as Mayor for the upcoming year.

Time to come clean…..

And as predictable as the summer monsoon in Bangladesh, the Fullerton Observer has begun laying the foundation for another wailing session, decrying the mean council trio of Jung, Dunlap and Whitaker for passing over Observer inamorata, Ahmad Zahra, the preening, deceitful, egomaniac councilman from District 5, who has gone well out of his way to alienate the three, any one of whom could get him chosen Mayor.

Here’s the doleful headline:

Will District 5 Get Mayoral Representation at the City Council Meeting on December 5?

It’s sort of fun to read the litany of complaints and grievances that follow, written by somebody called Jack Hutt, whose angry essay is just another attack on Fullerton’s three more or less sensible representatives.

Mr. Hutt starts decrying the fact that a mayoral rotation policy is not being followed. Well, what a shame that is. A council not feeling bound to adhere to a policy it evidently disagrees with.

Hutt does ponder the question of the motives of Jung, Dunlap, and Whitaker, a little:

One has to wonder what happened in closed sessions that made council members Jung, Whitaker, and Dunlap publicly disrespect Zahra. Will the council members ever tell the public the reasons?” 

Good question. And yet poor Hutt doesn’t seem to realize Closed Session deliberations are cloaked in secrecy by law. It doesn’t really matter to Hutt anyhow, because in his very next sentence he telegraphs his intent:

Or is it so petty or phobic that it can not be uttered?” 

Now our offended writer has rolled three insults into one conclusion. The three are either so petty, or gay-hating, that they must cower in fear, terrified to let the public know how low they are.

Later, Hutt rolls out his big gun:

He also survived a vicious negative campaign funded by Tony Bushala.” Whenever the Observer crowd gets agitated enough they relentlessly name the object of their greatest fear and loathing: Tony Bushala. Hutt follows suit, of course, but as usual omits the fact that Zahra’s 2020 campaign was diligently manicured by him and his sycophants to omit facts like his real biography, his servitude to the marijuana dispensary cartel, his constant self promotion, and his arrest record; that the campaign against Zahra was aggressive, but honest every step of the way; that Zahra dished out over $100,000 to keep a Latino candidate from representing a Latino district. Oh, and Zahra was party to the creation of a fake Latino candidate, Tony Castro, to siphon votes away from Oscar Valadez

Comically, Hutt wraps up his essay with a shot at Nick Dunlap’s lack of interest in his job and makes a hopeful pitch for none other than…Jesus Quirk-Silva:

“...Jesus Silva, who was Gerrymandered out of District 3, now lives in District 2, and although this district is marginally Republican, it is competitive, and he would be a formidable candidate.”

The train of thought was weak but it sure was short…

Now, it wouldn’t be an Observer article without repeating an old lie heard over and over and over again. Quirk-Silva was, as we all know, gerrymandered into District 3 which gave him the opportunity for a free run at Greg Sebourn’s job in 2018 when he was still a city-wide councilman. The redistricting map done in 2022 cleaned up the previous nonsense with rational district boundaries that left Quirk-Silva with no district to run in since he was now in District 2 – and we’re all better off for that.

Here’s the truth: it takes three votes to get elected Mayor. End of story. The facts of precisely why the three councilmen don’t trust, don’t like, don’t want to choose Zahra as Mayor are evidently real. And Zahra is probably better off if the real reasons of antipathy toward him don’t come out; and if they were to emerge, I suspect Zahra is counting on the head-in-the-sand obliviousness of his fife and drum corps to ignore any cogent reasons that might be forthcoming. It’s victimhood uber alles.

48 Replies to “Let the Victimhood Begin!”

  1. Well you can waive it away as “you should hate Zahra like FFFF/Bushala does” or you can see that District 5 is being disenfranchised.

    The system is that the mayorship rotates. But it isn’t because of political retribution against Zahra.

    1. How can it be the “system” when it’s not obligatory?

      District 5 was “disenfranchised” when Zahra (with the blessing of the DPOC) cooked up a fake Latino candidate to draw votes away from Oscar Valadez, a good guy who happens not to be a serial liar like Zahra. We never hear anything about that dirty little trick from you boohoos.

      1. “How can it be the “system” when it’s not obligatory?”

        That’s reductive.

        You’re right only in that “the system” is ultimately whatever council majority wants regardless of reasonable expectations of the citizens.

        But you’re wrong in waiving off that it’s ok for system to be to fuck any district… currently district 5 with no explanation.

        Par for the course with the current majority and with FFFF/Bushala. No justification necessary.

        1. No, you’re reductive. No, sorry. You’re redundant. And stupid, too. I know that hurts. But the truth hurts. You lose again. Getting tired of all the losing?

        2. Then fix the system, dickwad and quit crying like a little girl named Ahmad. Get three councilmembers to enshrine your stupid policy in the Municipal Code.

          1. “Then fix the system,”

            Again. The system is that the position is supposed to rotate.

            But as we see, because of the majority acting in bad faith, *practically* the current system is whatever the current majority wants to do. That is, they’re flipping the bird to district 5… with no explanation.

            “enshrine your stupid policy in the Municipal Code.”

            That’s meaningless. We know what the system is *supposed to be.* But council makes the laws so it doesn’t matter what is in the “municipal code.” The code is whatever they want it to be, barring anything in contravention of state and federal law.

            So “fix the system” means holding the majority accountable. Which is exactly what The Observer is doing and FFFF/Bushala are resisting.

            This failed non-system ends when the current majority changes course or is no longer the majority.

            1. Those you applaud, the Observer, Zahra, Charles and staff operate in bad faith every single day. It is their default OS.

            2. Wah wah. There ignoring the stupid rotation system, they’re ignoring the stupid bike plan that makes no sense. Wah wah. Get a grip hoger.

        3. D5 fucked itself when they were bamboozled by Zahra into believing he was a straight man with a family. And a doctor. And a film maker and somebody who cared about anything except himself.

          Strip away the clichés and all you have left is a fat little dude with a checkered past and an ability to fool dumb people.

        4. How about a response to the fact that Zahra found a patsy with a Latino name to run in that election? Nobody had ever heard of him before or since.

          Care to comment on that dirty piece of Zahra laundry?

          1. Explain how something you claim Zahra did justifies excluding d5 from the power sharing arrangement.

            Seems like a power play by more conservative council members to shut out power for a liberal leaning district.

            Ultimately what goes around comes around. So much for power sharing.

                1. Well you didn’t deny it and that’s a fundamental start. Your chubby little idol has feet of nasty clay.

            1. Because Zahra doesn’t represent them. Zero represents himself. He could only win by cheating.

              BTW, do you know the whereabouts of Tony Castro, Zero’s hand-picked patsy? Is that bench warrant still out?

  2. That business with Quirk-Silva just goes to show how brainwashed the liberal goofball in Fullerton really are. They rolled out one dumbass reason after another to gerrymander THEIR ridiculous and indefensible D3. And when the dust settled they had zero grounds for legal action. But the myth that Quik-Silva was the victim still echoes through the Observer outhouse. I mean head office.

    1. You wanna see some top notch gerrymandering??? Just take a look at Sharon Quirk Silvas new Assembly district boundaries. It conveniently removes most conservatives located north of Chapman and now extends into Anacrime. And don’t miss the little window on the North side of Chapman to include her house. I have no idea how these things get through unquestioned…

      1. Yes, I read all about that in the Fullerton Observer. Oh, wait. No I didn’t.

        Let’s ask Hooger how this “system” is working.

      2. Yes you have no idea. Because that’s not how it works. In California we have a citizens’ commission, politically balanced deciding district boundaries.

        It’s not gerrymandered, our system produces as fair maps as you will find anywhere. Just because

        It’s the gold standard frankly.

        1. I was saying, just because the maps look engineered… They are… Doesn’t mean they’re gerrymandered by the parties. They are designed to be *fair* maps by a system designed to produce fair maps.

          1. You don’t know shit about redistricting you ridiculous jackass. So it’s only unfair when Silva is removed but it’s ok when Sharon’s district is modified for her benefit.

            1. You really showed what I don’t know by shouting insults.

              When you can’t pound them with facts, pound the table.

              In fact I know exactly how our system works, and why it is fair. And I know why conservatives love gerrymandering… because they aren’t the majority.

              1. So the little pimple that capture Quirk’s house looks good to you? I guess the Citizens Commission works.

                You should be a writer for the Observer.

              2. Fair? Good to hear. So getting Quirk-Silva out of a previously gerrymandered district is fair. We all knew it but good to hear you agree.

              3. Both parties gerrymander to retain and acquire power, you ignorant asshat. You are a petulant demagogue who gave up trying to find truth a long, long time ago.

                1. “Both parties gerrymander to retain and acquire power”

                  Yes but one party depends on it more… Republicans.

                  And in California a) we have a citizen commission so redistricting is not controlled by the parties b) which actually only helps Republicans here because they are the minority.

                  Think more, insult less, Sparky.

                2. Poor Hooger. Always on the losing end.

                  His hero Zahra is going to disenfranchise D5 by being such a prick he can’t get appointed Mayor by his fellow councilmen.

                3. I used to think Hoogie was just yanking chains but now I know he is an insufferable twat. I pity the people who must interact with him daily. His family therapy bill must be astronomical.

  3. Good to see the Shadow back in town if only for a bit. I still love your posts about Quirk and Pam Kellar.

    1. It was a quid pro quo arrangement.
      Sharon Quirk (nee Howard) was so desperate for a Hispanic surname, she hooked up this jackass.
      Jesus was so desperate for perceived political juice, he was all in.

  4. “Whenever the Observer crowd gets agitated enough they relentlessly name the object of their greatest fear and loathing: Tony Bushala.” One of the founding fathers of Friends For Fullerton’s Future is Tony Bushala who exposed Rusty Kennedy, then executive director of the Orange County Human Relations Commission, for being a cop bootlicker to the gross detriment of the community. Rusty Kennedy is Fullerton Observer”editor” Sharon Kennedy’s brother. Rusty got booted into obscurity and from his well-paid job thanks to the Orange County Board of Supervisors. Rusty forced to say bye-bye to his double-dipping. What does the Ralph Kennedy Commission do?

    1. Not true. Rusty Trombone retired, pulled down a six-figure pension from OCERS and then got paid all over again when the Council assumed the role of the government-run Commission.

      The real question is what did/does the Human Relations Commission ever really accomplish.

      And of course Rusty was a police informant. He needed the cops to show up every year at budget time to sing the praises of Rusty’s little gang.

  5. The guy who wrote that drivel says Zahra made some “rookie mistakes” which is a euphemism for showing his true colors early on.

    He flipped his position on holding a replacement election for the rump term of city-wide goober Jesus Quirk-Silva. Flory and Fitzgerald made him a deal that if he voted to appoint the re-tread Flory they would put him on the Orange County Water District board, a lucrative, do-nothing board that pays its members for committee meetings. The unemployed Zahra jumped on that.

    Then to add insult to injury Zahra plagiarized water articles written by some OCWD staffer. Where did he publish “his” expertise? Why in The Fullerton Observer, of course! Did The Fullerton Observer or Zahra ever publish a correction? Of course not. That would be honest.

  6. Another fine example of investigative reporting or just another “in my opinion” piece ? Though this article complains bypassing Zahra undoes the “non-political process” on the heels of this assertion is the comment from Shana Charles who say the office of mayor is mainly ceremonial. This article claims bypassing Zahra for position of mayor is due to Jung, Whitaker and Dunlap’s “petty or phobic” reasons. Is it asking the Fullerton Observer too much to support their subjective comments with a shred of proof? As for the compare/contrast of Zahra and Dunlop, there is no proof offered by this newspaper showing Zahra is “widely available to his constituents” while Dunlop “more interested in sports than the interests of his District 2 constituents,”. Fullerton Observer touts itself as Fullerton’s only independent newspaper, then it should realize it is held to legal standards and this “news” article defames without proof Fullerton city council members.

    1. The Observers are fun to play with sort of like having a pet ostrich that spends a lot of time with its head in the dirt.

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