The Thing That Wouldn’t Die

It’s Fullerton. There’s always a backdoor!

Fullerton City Hall watchers know one thing for certain. If the bureaucrats want something, it will never die. The issue may be voted down by a majority of the City Council, but rest assured, the item will sooner or later be back. The history of this sad fact is undeniable and goes back decades and decades.

And so the ridiculous Trail to Nowhere has been agendized for reconsideration on Tuesday almost four months after it was sensibly rejected way back in August.

How did this get on the agenda? It’s hard to believe that Jung, Whitaker or Dunlap asked to put it in on, but maybe the incoherent yammering of Ahmad Zahra’s gaggle of followers over the past fifteen weeks got to one of them to go along with Zahra and Shana Charles to put this on the agenda. I said maybe. Because it is also possible that the City staff did this on their own for reasons unknown. We’ve seen that happen before, too, when some non-existent legal pretext was drummed up by the I Can’t Believe it’s A Law Firm© of Jones and Mayer, or the equally maleficent firm of Rutan, formerly Rutan and Tucker, who defended the indefensible for years.

Because this is Fullerton, how this idiocy became officially resurrected will probably never be known. What hasn’t changed are the excellent reasons to reject the State grant. Again.

I guess the locals do use Phase I…

Here is a list, thoughtfully provided by the diligent FFFF research team:

  1. Not safe – look at “Phase 1” Gangs and drugs
  2. No identified users
  3. No environmental testing done
  4. Adjacent contaminated property – TCE
  5. Numerous possible polluters up and down trail
  6. Application contains false information about environmental testing
  7. Doesn’t line up with “Phase 1”
  8. No budget to modify “Phase 1”
  9. “Phase 1” is deficient – 90 degree angles
  10. “Phase 1” HAS NOT BEEN MAINTAINED. Maintenance is an issue
  11. No connectivity to the east – blocked by SoCo Walk
  12. Does NOT go to the Transportation Center
  13. No connectivity to the West – BNSF ownership; possible High Speed Rail in right of way

We’ve had some fun here making fun of the complete waste of $3,000,000 on the Trail to Nowhere, but there is something else going on here – the reintroduction of something already decided. The issue should be dead and arguments about it, moot. But this is Fullerton, and it’s never over until City staff say it’s over.

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  1. I can’t believe one of the three changed his mind. If not what a stick in the eye to a council majority. Evidently a majority means nothing.

      1. Zahra is an idiot. He used flunky staff and abused the other three who don’t seem willing to stand up for themselves. This could turn out to be a a real problem if his crowd gets a majority in 2024. Jung and Dunlap could keep reagendizing stuff ad infinitum.

        How can one (or two) people – a minority – reagendize something that’s already been decided? How can the city lawyer countenance that? Where is that authority located? Not in the law, that’s for sure.

        But this if Fullerton where nobody cares.

        1. I think two Councilmembers can request an item to be placed on a future agenda for discussion. Doesn’t mean the other three have to entertain what’s being discussed or proposed. Jung, Dunlap and Whitaker will have to let the other two spin their wheels and have some of the madres and their niños go through their usual donkey show and then they can promptly lift their leg on the whole idea again.

          If the Zahra cancer does indeed get a Council majority next year it will most certainly end up killing its host. What’s left of Fullerton won’t survive a Zahra junta.

          1. No, that’s not quite right. Two members can agendize something but they can’t simply resurrect something that’s already been decided by the majority. If that were true, then anything could be stalled by a council minority be reagendizing the same damn thing over and over again.

  2. That’s a pretty comprehensive list. I wonder what would happen if it were presented to our crack staff to answer one by one. Now that would be fun to watch, but nobody wants to make staff “look bad” even though they are doing it to themselves.

  3. How sadly true. The Trail to Nowhere Monstrosity came back exactly the same as it went away 2 years ago. Then it died, but not really. Alice Loya kept pushing and lying and pushing some more. 4 City Managers have now presided over this still birth but phoenix-like it rises from its ashes.

  4. Don’t forget the stupid thing runs through an industrial wasteland and mainline rail road tracks. Nobody is going to use it.

    I hope the some of the City Council has enough energy and sense of duty to read the grant application and see all the lies there – then repeat them to the crowd of boohoos ginned up by Ahmad Zero.

  5. Lot of breathless articles here trumpeting how dead it is, over and over, and now this.

    Council was wrong, their reasoning was fragmented but effectively absent. There is a big picture plan in effect, the bicycle master plan. Clearly the fix was in and there are other reasons it was knifed at the last moment that the public is not privy to.

    The reason FFFF likes the failure is they are libertarians who get a stiffy whenever their biases are confirmed due to government failing to do its job effectively.

        1. Well, you have the opportunity go speak on his behalf before he loses another try at Mayor. I’m sure he’ll be grateful for yet another boohoo dupe.

    1. There are 13 excellent reasons to kill the Trail to Nowhere listed above. You’ve never addressed any of them cogently.

      I don’t wonder why that is.

    2. You truly are an insufferable twat. If you were my neighbor, I would move no matter the cost or inconvenience.

      1. I would, but he’s busy building showers for Fullerton’s homeless.

        Advocate for the students, homeless, taxi cab drivers, and Ron Thomas, he let me play on his new pool table. Thanks to Mannie Raymouse.

        1. That is funny. I thought he would be spending all of that Fullerton Cash with all of his buddies from the Sheriff’s department where he was a former officer..(NOT!)

      1. That would be “photojournalist” and prime 1A sucker, Julie Leopo, following in the footsteps of OC Sweetheart reporter Jennifer Muir.

  6. This trail project was first cooked up by the redevelopment agency and the parks and rec department in the late 1990’s, as part of the planning for the pollution park. After securing the land for the park, additional property purchases were made of the UP right of way for the original trail to no where that was to run from Harbor Blvd to Independence Park. After discovery of the contamination on the park parcel, and adjacent “trail” properties, the City Council wisely decided to
    stop further property acquisition, and defund the trail project. It was later determined that the redevelopment agency had done no environmental investigation of the properties purchased from UP, and the purchase agreements had a hold harmless that protected UP from any liability for prior contamination.
    The park was closed, and the trail project in its entirety, was defunded. That should have been the end of it, but no, park and rec staff put the project in the hold file and waited two decades to find money for its revival. Now the last of its proponents, is retiring, and perhaps the Council can drive the final nail in the coffin, and bury this nonsense for good.

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