The Mysterious Police Report

FFFF has just received an interesting document from an anonymous, yet seemingly informed source.

Something happened after a council meeting last year that caused the Fullerton cops to take a police report and to inform the councilmembers, obliquely, what they were doing – as if the council already knew. So what was it? Our informant tells us that Ahmad Zahra, the perpetual victim, filed a complaint against Fred Jung for some sort of assault, or threat or something. That part isn’t clear.

Looking down from above…

The fact that this police report never went anywhere means that there was nothing behind it, and in fact that Zahra probably and deliberately filed a false report to begin with. That would be a crime, of course, if anybody is keeping track, and well within broadly described moral compass Zahra has drawn for himself.

FFFF could do a Public Records Act request to get the documents, but I have a sneaking suspicion they are long gone, rather like the records surrounding Zahra’s battery and vandalism case.

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  1. Jung sounds just like Douglas when he talks. Close your eyes and listen to him ramble.Both of these blokes are really creepy. How’s about a story on Fred eh?

    1. Why are you closing your eyes and listening to him talk? Sounds like you have a creepy attraction to Jung eh?

    2. Actually he sounds pretty good. Best councilman I can remember. Of course I admit that bar was set sort of low.

  2. “The fact that this police report never went anywhere means that there was nothing behind it, and in fact that Zahra probably and deliberately filed a false report to begin with.”

    Say again Shartlock?

    Count on FFFF for the most amazing feats of illogical leaps.

    You all really have a hard on for this guy.

    1. We are stunned that I can’t think straight, even after all the meds and electro whatsit called. But Dr. Schwartzman keeps sayin I can get better if we only try harder and keep writing checks on our deceased mother’s bank account.

    2. Argue with Chief Dunn and his A-1 crew. No charges were filed and no action was taken. Zahra was once again playing his queer, Arab, Muslim victim card.

      And nobody cares.

    3. The story is true. I heard it from the former temp City Manager. After a meeting Zahra got upset because Jung asked him whether or not he was a little girl, or something along those lines, whereupon Zahra started screaming hysterically and claimed he was the victim of an anti-gay hate crime, or some other such nonsense.

      Dunn laughed it out of the FPD because nobody who was there would corroborate Zahra’s fantasy assaults’ – not even Jesus. The report WAS false. And you’re an idiot.

      1. The story is clearly a story. Only the facts and details are in question!

        This is just gossip and reading whatever you want into second and third hand accounts, with no paper trail.

        My reading? Probably Jung shoved him. Cops didn’t care. Jung ridiculed him for it in council.

        Was Zahra charged with making a false report? Seems not. That we’d know. Just because the cops don’t care or a witness wasn’t there when you wanted one doesn’t make a false statement, or a false statement charge.

        1. Probably shoved him?

          You hypocritical piece of shit. First you bitch about the blog not having a paper trail then you throw out an ACCUSATION OF BATTERY, with literally nothing other than your sterling reputation as evidence.

          You are the worst.

  3. What a vile little twat this mongrel is. The more I learn about this shit stain the angrier I get. Vote for Johnny. Ahmad Zhara is a two-bit sack of used Tampax.

    1. There appears to be an overly sexualized theme along with an obsession with words used to describe genitalia and hygiene by you blokes on here. You chaps need to get laid. Sounds like wifeys sent you lads to the dog house.

      1. Not to worry. We generally let almost anything go. Not sure what human excreta has to do with sexualizing anything, but you do you.

  4. I’m ok with legal pot sales but Zahra voted with Silva to put marijuana dispensaries within 100 feet of residences. Thank God Jung got in and pulled that horror movie paid for and directed by the Long Beach Drug Cartels. Redistricting got rid of Silva, now it’s time to get rid of Zahra.

    1. I know you’re ok with ganja dude. From what people tell me Tony is a big pot head. Too bad my neighbours teenage son died from laced ganja. Stupid so many of young people are losing their minds to the drugs and nobody cares accept about who controls the sale. All you blokes on here are just playing a game for your boss. Fullerton is looking like a lot like Santa Ana and Anaheim. I watch the few of these meetings and everybody is a worthless piece of garbage that will never change the city. All these chaps need is a good kick in the pants but you and the newspaper protect your own sides.I haven’t seen one post on this chat room about fentanyl or the MS-13. Sounds like it is all personal bickering so that the ganja kingpin can corner the market by making sure someone who is part of the opposing side of the other ganja Kingpin opposition doesn’t get to make the rules and doesn’t get elected. Like I said all you’ve done is help the pretty boy in Blue Zara

  5. Hey mate wasn’t it Zahra who raised the Pride flag at City Hall? Do the chat room operators here like the Pride flag at City Hall?

  6. Looks like even Dunn was smart enough to get a new job away from the mess that is Fullerton.. Rumor has it he is leaving

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