The Trail to Nowhere Connectivity Would Be Doomed by HSR

The good people at California’s High Speed Rail Authority, who just can’t waste our money fast enough, are moving toward a revised track alignment between Los Angeles and Anaheim. What does this mean? It means a massive boondoggle of course, spending billions to bring a “bullet train” to Orange County that won’t be any faster than the Metrolink line that covers the same distance in the same amount of time.

The new configuration would share existing tracks along the current three-track mainline, and would a add a fourth, dedicated line. And where would the fourth track alignment go? In Fullerton it would have to go on the south side of the main line tracks because there isn’t any room on the northside where the BNSF Railroad currently has two sidings right up to the edge of their right-of-way. The south side of the tracks, however do have room from the Commonwealth underpass as far as Harbor Boulevard.

Of course this would mean using the property that the Parks Department and the Friends of the Trail to Nowhere say is feasible (later on) to take their amenity to the Hunt Branch Library, and beyond. The question of how the trail could get past the BNSF mainline tracks would become moot. The trail would require a prohibitively expensive bridge with elevators; either that or a bridge a quarter mile long, or more. And there goes the alleged connectivity that the Trail to Nowhere boosters keep talking about, even if the BNSF were willing on some distant day to sell to the City.

The trail folks can pick their poison. Useless transit or useless bike trail. Of course they would have to educamate themselves first, and that’s just not going to happen in the Education Community.

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  1. Any bridge would be supremely expensive because it would require massive trusses to make the span that would have to be a couple hundred feet. The trusses would have to be supported by huge structures with really deep mat or caisson foundations.

    I guess you could build a suspension bridge with giant pylons. That wouldn’t be any cheaper.

    We’re talking about tens of millions here and no one has the money to pay for that.

    1. What about another dishonest grant application? The State loves this sort of thing. $100 per bike crossing.

  2. I think the problem here is two-fold. The Engineering Department doesn’t talk to the Parks Department and the people in the parks Department are like Joe Felz – Sociology majors or something like that, who have little practical sense and who think in 2 dimensions – if that. You see a line on a map that somebody like you drew and believe in fairy tales.

    1. Same situation with the toxic plume emanating from 311 S. Highland. How could the Engineering Department not have intervened to notify the Parks Department that the was a serious problem that had been brushed aside. This is a systemic organizational issue in which City Managers haven’t created a culture of information and accountability.

      The left hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing and doesn’t care.

  3. In this season of thanks, Fullertonians have nothing to be thankful for relative to their local government and representatives.

  4. Keep the fictions consistent. It must be a “bullet train to nowhere” right? Regardless of where it goes.

  5. These government driven moronic and wasteful spending projects and policies on things that have nothing driving them that makes an iota of sense, but the consultants who started the mess first as a HSR board member, then turned lobbyists/constant. At least we know who’s driving this Bullet Boondoggle Train that few will ride but it’s the thought that counts!

    1. Pringle’s the name. Say it proud, say it out loud. A high speed train that goes no faster than the regular one.

      The bikies should have hired me to promote their dumbass trail to nowhere.

  6. The stoopid Trail to Nowhere would cause a lot less damage and be billions cheaper than the HSR to DTLA. They both would have about the same number of users – almost none!

  7. And it never even would have reached its uber-critical destination, Independence Park. Poor Trail to Nowhere – cut off in its prime.

  8. I like the idea of the trail and the bullet train running alongside each other. If Hoogger pedals fast enough he could latch on and get a free ride to Norwalk. Talk about about connectivity!

    1. If you libertards had your way we’d be riding around on toll dirt roads controlled by the private security of tribal warlords. Perhaps shooting at the aircraft of modern nations hoping against hope to pull down some scrap.

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