Bang Bang, You’re Dead

Mostly predictable banality and stupidity mark events in Fullerton political opinion, but every now and then something unexpected happens. In this case an opinion piece in the Fullerton Observer that takes the police department to task for its hyperventilation rap-riddled recruiting video that begins with loud, dramatic music accompanying a fake chase scene through downtown Fullerton that ends with a canine grabbing hold of the bad guy. The author complains (rightly) that the video obviously sends the wrong message to potential recruits who may be more interested in violent video games than in community policing.

Now juxtapose this video (especially the dog part) with the recent news out of the City Council closed session that announced a $8,600,000 settlement with the family of Hector Hernandez, who was shot a few years ago by Jonathan Ferrell of the FPD for defending himself against one of their attack dogs.

To all appearances it looked a lot like a gang.

For years FFFF has been letting folks know that the Fullerton Police Department never reformed itself in the wake of the Chief “Patdown” Pat McKinley’s reign of error that culminated in the murder of Kelly Thomas. New Chief Mike Sellers took a vacation during the Kelly Thomas protests and bugged out on a stress leave and (tax free) disability retirement. The next Chief, Danny “Gallahad” Hughes – who was neck-deep in the Thomas killing cover-up – said we were misinformed, even as his boys gave drunk-driving City Manager Joe Felz a ride home, warm milk and a cookie. His successor, David Hendricks was arrested in Irvine for assaulting a paramedic and had to hit the road.

Cop coverup artist, drug warrior, IT wizard, this talented cat can do it all…

The current occupant of the Chief job, Bob Dunn, was the former spokesman for the Anaheim PD during the spate of cop shootings that incited riots. He’s the guy responsible for the recruiting video and its awful message to prospective, young Fullerton coplets. Dunn, too will be leaving soon after a short tenure – just like his immediate predecessors. Hopefully the new Chief will be more inclined to de-emphasize confrontation and escalation, armored vehicles and SWAT deployment as policing strategies.

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  1. If we’d gone with OCSD we’d be no worse off and have a lot more money in the General Fund. But Greg Sebourn pussied out.

  2. FPD is occasionaly on the “On Patrol Live” TV show including tonight (Reelz 238 channel). Tonight a doper was caught next to the Walgreen store near Orangethorpe and Euclid.

  3. Regarding the video, which can be see here: , at the 40 second mark the fleeing suspect can be seen pulling a gun. As such, the use of the K-9 in the recruiting would have been appropriate.

    These videos are made with an eye towards showing potential recruits all of the different specialties available at a particular department. That sort of thing matters to recruits.

  4. I hear Dunn is leaving for a demotion in Torrance. I wonder if the Hernandez settlement is the reason. Of course the DA went along with the cover-up, but obviously the City didn’t have any faith in a jury verdict. As in ZERO faith.

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