Trail to Nowhere Goes Nowhere

Oh, the potential!

On Tuesday night the Fullerton City Council again shit-canned the moronic recreation trail proposed on the old Union Pacific right-of-way.

Councilmen Bruce Whitaker and Nick Dunlap both presented compelling reasons; that the proposal failed to address requests from the Council in 2021 that the area be addressed wholly, not by piecemeal projects. Mayor Fred Jung joined them in voting to turn back the grant money.

Looking down from above…

Naturally, Ahmad Zahra championed the wasteful project, pretending to be offended by Dunlap’s observation that maintenance was issue since Fullerton can’t take care of the parks we already have. It didn’t seem to occur to him that his position was grossly patronizing to his own constituency who must be separated from the hard truths of fiscal realty. He was joined in his profligacy by Shana Charles who giggly gushed over the opportunidad to bestow a top-down gift to the community – and after all, it was free money and wasn’t going to cost anything.

A gaggle of speakers showed up to defend Option 1 – a bike trail that would pass through some of the worst, least safe parts of Fullerton. A couple opined that a useless trail was desperately needed. A few Spanish-speaking women appeared to regurgitate the talking points of Zahra, but as usual displayed a complete factual deficit. Their job was to bad-mouth Option 2 that could have include an auto passage along the trail, and again to babble about “the children.”

Jane Rands. Commonsense prevailed…

One speaker named Jane Rands actually provided intelligent and pertinent points, to wit: the City staff had not developed a general concept for the redevelopment of the area, and that the trail has no connectivity to anything else in the trail system, a point lost on the thoughtless Zaharites.

So in the end the council majority voted on Option 3 – give the money back to the opaque agency that took it from the taxpayers and doled it out in the first place. In a fun twist, Jung added a caveat to his Option 3 support: that the Up Park be re-opened ASAP.

After the vote was taken, one of Zahra’s lunatic followers began screaming at the Council about being racists and insensitive beasts, etc., and had to be removed from the chamber by the pit-sitting cop. And Zahra could be heard muttering under his breath into the open mike: “Bushala.”

15 Replies to “Trail to Nowhere Goes Nowhere”

    1. I loved how some of the dummies were coach to say that one person – presumably Bushala – shouldn’t profit from this horrible multi-modal option, somehow, even though his family’s properties along this line front on EXISTING streets.

      1. Zahra admitted that as a way to say a road wasn’t necessary even though his staff said “high density” housing was in the works.

  1. Another Zahra fail. Can’t wait for December when his puppet Shana Charles nominates him for mayor.

  2. Jesus H., it would have been cheaper to buy 10 years worth of gym memberships for everybody who lives on Truslow and Valencia.

  3. Bushala, Jung, Dunlap need to take some pointers from Zahra. He’s the only one that knows anything and has any integrity.

    1. Integrity? Like hitting a woman then pretending you were exonerated after you pleaded guilty? Declaring you want to hold an election then going back on it because Fitzgerald gave you paying do-nothing OCWD gig? Or pretending you wrote articles when they were really written by an OCWD bureaucrat?

      Who is Bushala?

      1. Who is Bushala? He’s someone who got out maneuvered by Zahra. Every time Bushala hits Zahra, he always misses the punch. He is someone who is no match for Zahra.

    1. We ran Fitzy out of town. When her hand-picked stooge lost to Jung she packed up and moved to Texas. She had no more juice in Fullerton.

      Our gain is their loss.

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