The postcard at the restaurants reads “SAVE THE WALK ON WILSHIRE AND OUTDOOR DINING!”

give it away, give it away, give it away now

“Fullerton City Council voted to remove the Walk on Wilshire in September”.


A few months ago, the City Council haphazardly voted: Whitaker, Jesus, and Ahmad, to explore keeping it permanent, whatever that means nowadays in this city.

What it fails to acknowledge is that their precious Walk on Wilshire is not a community benefit. 

It is far from that.

It is a government subsidized revenue mechanism for a handful of “downtown” restaurants/bars.

Closing Wilshire Avenue to vehicle traffic in the name of public health is dumb government when latest COVID numbers are trending down to such a degree, even hypersensitive Los Angeles has opted not to have an indoor mask mandate.    

Blocking Wilshire Avenue – Fullerton’s bike boulevard – in a feeble attempt to turn a very small section of downtown Fullerton into dining al fresco is nonsense since the view for diners is barriers and an asphalt street.

What’s that saying about lipstick on a pig?

“Downtown” Fullerton is not London or Rome!

Walk on Wilshire is Whitaker, Jesus, and Ahmad’s way of sponsoring a select group of “downtown” businesses like Mulberry Street Ristorante, Fullerton Brew Co (formerly Stadium Tavern), Green Bliss and Rialto Cafes, and Les Amis Restaurant.

Les Amis Restaurant recently hosted and sponsored the bitchin’ Zahra campaign kick off fundraiser so it is plainly obvious why that criminal would support Walk on Wilshire.

Jesus Quirk-Silva is just a moron who can’t find his way out of his pants wearing wife’s political shadow. 

He’s a lame duck anyway with redistricting sidelining him for a few years.

But Bruce?!!? 

He has consistently challenged zone changes, government’s heavy handedness, and city thumb on the scale for years.

So why would an anti-government interventionist support this?

Ronald Reagan warned that the top 9 most terrifying words in the English Language are: I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.

Maybe Bruce is not at the wheel anymore.

Fullerton can’t figure out street and road repair with most residents living in street conditions resembling a third world country.

Yet somehow, its City Council and its small group of vocal influencers want to have their cake and eat it too by saving its failed Museum, its Fox Theatre, its outdated library, its overgrown parks system, and “community” events like Founders Day.

Keep spending taxpayer money on closing perfectly good streets like Wilshire Avenue so businesses that financially support Zahra get a financial kickback disguised as public safety benefits.

We need leadership Bruce!

I miss the old Bruce, straight from the ‘Go Bruce!

17 Replies to “PUBLIC ENEMY”

  1. I think OCTA should sue the city of Fullerton for making this section of road essentially ’private’ for a few restaurant owners. I’m totally serious.

    Fullerton LOVES lawsuits anyway, so what’s one more?

    Just like Florentine’s sidewalk fiasco, Fullerton needs to restore ‘Walk on Wilshire’ and 100 N. Harbor’s ‘pilfered’ sidewalk to their original forms immediately and without delay.

    1. Oh come on “Bike Boulveard” is a joke. At least outdoor dining people are using Wilshire and walking on it. This is not part of the Tour de France.

  2. The al fresco view of barriers and asphalt is spot on. It makes about as much sense as the silly (and dangerously small) roundabouts they put in. Every time I go through one of those, I’m thankful if I don’t have to contest the right of way with another driver.

    1. This comment is garbage. You gotta be kidding man. It’s not just asphalt and people obviously like it. We’re not the only place doing this and other cities are doing this now too, it’s just how people prefer to dine.

  3. The street belongs to the public.

    Fullerton has a loooooong history of giving public shit away – like the Paul Dudspunk/Florentine Mob sidewalk. Like the 200 block of Whiting Avenue. Like 100 E. Elm Ave. Gone. Take it. Terry Galpin says it’s okay. Gary Chpulsky says “come get it.” Buck Catlin Molly McClanahan, Don Blankhead, Dick Ackerman, Chris Norby, Julie Say, Jan Florby, HeeHaw Jones, Mike “Little Gun” Clasnoopy, Sheland Wilson, Pam Kellar, Silva-Quirk agree.

    1. Is his job to stop outdoor dining? Because last I checked he does a pretty good job of being reasonable.

  4. Whitaker got the boohoo memo: four wheels bad, two legs better! This is a just another example of city hall bureaucrats playing Monopoly. Here the agenda is anti-car, pro “pedestrian” activity in DTF. The same bullshit they’ve been promoting for 40 years.

    1. Sorry let’s make sure you can park your F250 super diesel next to Rialto so you can get a bagel in the morning instead of let people who work downtown walk to have lunch or students like me eat there. It’s not “anti-car” bs, there’s parking right next to it, sorry to have to walk AN EXTRA 5 feet.

  5. It doesn’t make sense to close off Wilshire without going from corner to corner. Ain’t gonna happen.

  6. So it sounds like a lot of these comments don’t fully understand how these types of things actually improve the city. I agree, none of the land should be “donated” out, but these businesses are footing the costs and paying rent.

    It’s not “anti-car” bullshit it’s actually pretty normal for a lot of places now. If this is a test run and they do more of it, it could help fund street repairs with that rent if they do it right and businesses pay..

    Also way less homeless. (But I guess everyone in here is just pissed at it no matter what)

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