FFFF has squirted some cyber-ink on the missus, so I thought we ought to start spending a bit of time with Pilferin’ Paulette’s hubby, the egregious Doug “Bud” Chaffee.”

If the snout fits, wear it…

This piece was recently sent out by Chaffee’s OC Board of Supervisor challenger, Sunny Park of Buena Park.

The swine were offended by the comparison…

The reference here is to an early foray of the Chaffee Crime Family into “affordable” housing, the subsidized sort that always costs so much more than the regular kind. Of course this was thirty years ago and Chaffee has a much longer list of grifts large and small, including selling out the advocates of preserving the West Coyote Hills, creating phony districts in Fullerton, supporting overbuilt prison, I mean apartment blocks with inadequate parking, and of course spending all his time failing to reform the Fullerton Police Department.

On the Board of Supervisors Chaffee has distinguished himself by hiding COVID information from the public, overseeing the public humiliation and politicization of the Health Care Agency, and being a lackey for the misfeasance of his fellow board member, Andrew Do. And the funniest thing of all is that he, as Chairman of the Commission to End Homelessness, had to confess to reporters that he didn’t know what the Commission does.

Putting politician’s faces on animals has always struck me as desperate and sort of silly, persuasion-wise. But Sunny is running against an incumbent (and recumbent) Democrat and needs to syphon enough votes to 1) at least come in second; and, 2) keep Bud from reaching the magic 50%+1 number thereby forcing a runoff in November. Will this help?

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  1. This stuff cooked up be political campaign “professionals” is almost always just shit. It’s amazing what politicians and would be politicians are willing to pay for, being so dumb, and all.

    Still, I do enjoy enjoy seeing “Bud” with a pig snout, even though he is really much more of a rodent-type creature.

    1. She sure did!

      Found not guilty by a jury of her peers, unlike Pilfering Paulette, who pled guilty, served her sentence, and paid court ordered restitution to the victim of her theft.

    2. So what? I merely passed it along as well as indicating I thought it was a dumb ploy. Putting faces on animal bodies, that is. It comes across as childish. But knowing “Bud” as I very well do, I can’t say it’s inappropriate.

      P.S. there’s always the don’t vote any of them option if you feel Chaffee is somehow not the worst.

  2. Why disfigure Chaffee’s mug? He’s bad enough already. And what’s with the red hair dye?

  3. New political low Sunny. Man is a political hack but you are too Sunny. Point out a thing that she has done. This may turn off old white ladies to her campaign. Not so sunny in OC now. Low Sunny. Real low

    1. Whoa, there. Sunny has the best quality possible in politics. She isn’t Doug “Bud” Chaffee!

      1. Exactly. Either we vote him out or he will turn OC into another Homeless Refuge like Fullerton, keeping all his supporters well funded and OC residents in misery. That’s why he took the Homeless position, to build his base.

        So for me it’s as easy as “ABC” anybody but Chaffee.

    1. Reprehensible and disgusting are your options here in Fullerton.

      That is all Fullerton ever has to offer anymore, for last 20+ years.

  4. Wading into Voters Guide and Sample Ballot/Candidate Statements tonight. Who do you vote for when you *hate* all the candidates who have statements in both Chaffee races, and you can’t find out anything about the other candidates without statements? Frustrated as heck. Anyone have any idea about David M. Choi or Ellisa Kim in the Board of Education race? Wish there was another choice for Supervisor besides Park, Chaffee and Vargas. I’ll be holding my nose as I cast my ballot….again.

  5. Funny how Chaffee screwed homeless people over, yet claims he wants to help them now. I can go on and on…

  6. What about Gavin? Fuck Fullerton politics, how the hell are we in this place? This state has gone to hell. Fullerton went down the tubes decades ago. To the degree we are worried about the Chaffeys. Wtf? What a world.

  7. A vote for anyone but Paulette is a vote for hate, white supremacy and institutional slavery. We in the the do good community know that Paulette is the only person running for awesome who will give everything she’s got to ensure all marginalized people in our community are lifted to the clouds and given every opportunity they deserve. Vote for Saint Paulette or go to Hell!

  8. Our choices are bad, worse or worst. A shit-burger tastes the same no matter which side you bite from.

  9. Looks like Vargas might pass Bud Chaffee. Wouldn’t that be a hoot, a clean sweep of the Chaffee’s!

  10. Former Fullerton City Councilman and Mayor, Bud Chaffee came in last place in Fullerton behind Steven Vargas (Brea) and Sunny Park (Buena Park).

      1. He may be behind on OC Vote by 300 votes, but look at the returns from Fullerton and you’ll see he came in 3rd in Fullerton, his home town.

  11. Does Doug have dementia, or is he sucking up to big pharma? I see that he favors poisoning infants with the COVID shot.

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