Meet the Zahras

One of our correspondents in Fullerton’s District 5 received a piece of political junk mail from Ahmad Zahra the other day. It was full of the usual Zahra bullshit about all he has accomplished – which in reality has been nothing much more than photobombing events organized by other people.

But we are interested in one photo on the mailer, a nice family photo I share, below.

How precious…right out of central casting.

So c’mon, Zahra. How sad and cheap. Insta-family. Everybody knows you’re a divorced gay man, and there is no wife and no kids in your brand narrative. This just smacks of desperate cynicism. But from a compulsive liar and malignant narcissist, not surprising. “Dad.”

22 Replies to “Meet the Zahras”

    1. So many pictures of Zahra but never one with his real family.

      He claims his father and grandfather were doctors back in the old country.

      There must be pictures of the Zahra clan together in their scrubs.

      It would go a long way to dispel the concern that he is embellishing his credentials.

      Come on Zahra.

      Show us the pics!

  1. Can confirm that one Dr. Zahra is a client who sought “exotic family for day long photo shoot”. He agreed to pay for future psychiatric help for kids used in photos for unsavory political campaign ads to destroy their hometown and assist in his re-election effort. Anything to support a pathological and malignant narcissist. 1-800-RENT-A-FAM. One call brings them all!

    1. I think no matter where he puts his hand you blokes on here are going to try to sexualize the intent. This proves my point about how overly sexualized this chat room has been for some time. You blokes have filthy mouths and filthy Minds.

      1. Actually, we can’t see his hands, which is neither here nor there. You do admit this a try to make it look like he has an average husband/wife photo, right?

        1. I disagree. Although I don’t support Zahra, you are making a stretch of an assumption. This just looks like a community photo. If you see his website you can see the gallery of photos from this day.

          1. Uh. It’s a MAILER (not photo album) with a pic of him with a lady and kids that undeniably resemble him. No intent? Nice try.

            1. Relax, it’s not that deep. Don’t strain your eyes reading into it too much. Valadez for the Win, Zahra for the bin!

              1. Ganja Wars Tony versus The Long Beach Crew that’s what the gal says. I love the Pet Shop Boys and West End Girls and I guess you like Pot Shop Boys and…….

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