Raccoon Boy, Sign Vandal

FFFF has received some information about a campaign sign vandal who was seen last night destroying “No Zahra” signs along Harbor Boulevard.

The wildlife was out…

I don’t know who this individual is, but he spoke English and claimed to be a friend of Ahmad Zahra. The dark rings around the eyes suggest lack of sleep and behavior associated with alcohol or meth abuse. Either that or somebody with an affinity for raccoons. We’d like to know who this douchenozzle is, so please circulate this image and let’s see if we can identify Zahra’s “friend.”

16 Replies to “Raccoon Boy, Sign Vandal”

  1. Raccoon Man looks like a fairly standard denizen of the Harbor Corridor & CalTrans right-of-way crew. I wonder how he knows Zahra. Oops. No I don’t.

  2. Oh man. I looked, but he musta got the last “Raccoon Boy” costume at Party City. Gotta shop early to get the good ones.

  3. I told you how about how bloody crazy harbour and Valencia is late at night. This hooligans just keepin watch.

  4. But his right eye looks more like a black eye, right?

    Maybe he got whacked by one of Zahra’s “weed” whackers!

    1. Well, I see what you mean, but the other eye doesn’t look too good either.

      I’d like to know what this loser’s relationship is to Dr. Zaius. People don’t wander around a single road, destroying campaign signs unless they’ve been hired (or offered favors) to do it.

  5. This guy, he scares the crap out of me.
    Ahmad really has a collection of odd friends. I believe most of them are druggies.
    God help our city if he gets elected again.

  6. The Zahra B Team cast:

    Go Bruins Bernie
    Discount Bin Kaecilius from Doctor Strange
    Lizzy Hansburglar
    The 3rd Wife of Some Guy Named Todd

  7. Now somewhere in the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota
    There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon
    And one day his woman ran off with another guy
    Hit young Rocky in the eye

  8. Zahra met his friend, Ramon, at “the club” and now he is looking for Zahra to tell him he should go to the clinic and have himself checked out for herpes simplex 10 before things start falling off the man.

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