Fake Bomb, Fake Candidate

145lbs of trouble

It transpires that phony 5th District candidate, Tony Castro – the boob set up by the OC Democratic Party to siphon votes away from Oscar Valadez to help Ahmad Zahra – got into a wee bit of trouble last year.

What sort of trouble? Well, here’s the court Case Summary:

Well, that’s not very good, is it?

Warrant. Fugitive. Complaint. Falsely reporting planting of a bomb. Falsely reporting an emergency. And my favorite – Telephone calls w/intent to annoy. Of course there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation, I’m sure.

Tony stopped by our blog a few weeks back and left a hundred fake comments that really suggested the pathos of his campaign – and his life.

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  1. Ada Briceno really dredged the bottom to come up with this chap.

    So 2 of the 3 candidates in D5 were busted by the Long Arm of the Law. And their both entangled in a plot to disenfranchise Latin voters.

  2. This poor little cretin is too dumb to know he’s being played. Thanks for showing Fullerton what a tool he is.

  3. Studies have shown that when a politician receives corporate donations, 100% of the time they are not planting bombs.

  4. Someone desperately needs a hug. But there are enough disengaged, low-information voters in Fullerton to bend a few of Castro’s chads. We in the real do good community welcome Castro to the diverse, dysfunctional circus called Fullerton Politics where there is always one more ring for another bad act.

    1. What kind of name is the cold chilling cop ………s? This chat room is very creepy it has a obsession on genitals and is full of filthy language.

        1. Maybe some of the commenters in this chat room can clean up their filthy mouth and stop their obsession with genitalia.

  5. So the truth is out; the OC Democratic Party set up Fugitive “Tony” Castro to keep the feeble Zahra in charge of Fullerton’s morenitos. They follow the same playbook as the LA politico scum.

    1. Sick of all this BS political banter. Voters from that part of town don’t read anything. They only vote for free stuff. This chap Zara is skint n has been for some time now. He needs this gig. And they need him. I think there’s more problems with Fullerton than this chap eh?

  6. Finally someone exposed this POS loser for who he really is. Can’t believe he was even eligible to run for city council with that kind of rap sheet. Glad this came to light before the election. Our community doesn’t need to be in the hands of such a untrustworthy person. Really hope this disqualified him.

    1. Let’s have a little tea time chat about the gray haired dodgy stooge Bruce and the creepy Asian guy that sounds like Chaffee. Why why does your bloody chat room omit coverage of these blokes? I’m just a tad wet behind the ears just finding out about your boss Mr ganja Tony from the people at the collaborative group. Met a lovely gal that told me all about this boob Bruce and ganja man. It all is making sense to me now.

  7. Boredom made me dig.

    *If* this is the same guy as the candidate, and I don’t know that it is…. you may wish to take a look at 21CF3547 (very similar charges as the ones mentioned here, different violation dates); 21NM01619; and 20NM10660. All are set for hearing.

    1. My point exactly. How did this guy even have a chance to run for council? Do they not do background checks? And what kind of person is this that makes false emergency calls and planting a bomb TWICE? Definitely not a person I would want to be on our city council. Wondering if they can charge him with perjury, amongst all the rest of his charges.

      1. Address your question to Ms. Ada Briceno, head of the OC Dem party who created this fake candidacy the DAY AFTER Oscar Valadez took out papers!

    2. More research.

      The 22CF case has to do with the threat of a bomb being placed at Orange PD.

      The21CF case gas to do with the threat of a bomb being placed on top of “UCI Hospital”

      Again, I don’t know if this is the same guy as the candidate as it is a very common name and no DOBs are listed in the public records.

      1. Wow, great guy for Fullerton city council! NOT!! Threatening to bomb a hospital and a police station? Like how is this guy not in jail already for this? Lock up this nut case and throw away the key!! And tbh, Antonio Saucedo Castro isn’t a common name in Orange County. It’s gotta be him. And as far as calling and asking him ourselves, I’m sure he has some insane excuse to being blamed for wanting to blow up innocent people. It would even be a waste of time to hear what this psycho has to say. Just like how some of these comments about how he was ‘set up’ I’m sure that’s him trying to put the blame on someone else. SMH

  8. When I came to the states a few years back I never thought I would see so many bloody Crooks getting stuff for free and so many bloody criminals walking the streets. Why doesn’t this chat room talk about these problems instead of jumping up and down on this this divorced queer man? I don’t understand why you’re so focused on something that is so bloody insignificant. This Zara bloke is the least of your problems. Going to the liquor store on Harbor and Valencia late at night reminds me of living in Hackney.

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