C’mon Zahra. Time to Come Clean

Why is this man smiling?

The Strange Case of Ahmad Zahra’s Disappearing Case is starting to come into focus. Zahra, the arrogant and pontificating council representative from District 5 says he has been exonerated by the justice system for charges of battery and vandalism levelled by DA Todd Spizter. But another, well-placed source claims there was no exoneration; that Zahra pled guilty, did some sort of community service and that the Court was petitioned to seal the case and wipe the slate clean.

If you listened to Zahra’s victimized account of events at the City Council meeting a couple weeks ago you would have heard his side of the original event. He claimed that the people involved – his ex-husband and a female – showed up where he was living with mom; that they were behaving in such as way as to frightened his dear mother; that she then called him: that when he arrived the cops (called by who knows who) were already there; that he knew nothing of the woman at the scene, etc.

Well this tale could be true. And it could also be a web of lies meant to make the Zahras, mere et fils, look like the victims. Since the case is sealed up like a pharaoh’s tomb, we are forced to consider the alternative scenarios with their likely stark difference in facts.

Fortunately there is one person who can clear this matter up in a heartbeat. And that’s Zahra himself. Whatever happened, he can produce correspondence from justice officialdom informing him that the case is being dropped because…whatever. Personally I think that is highly unlikely to happen since it must have been Zahra himself who petitioned the court to wrap up the case like a mummy, indicating that he was more interested in hiding the facts than in advertising his innocence.

If Mr. Zahra thinks he can ride this out, he is mistaken. His demeanor on the council has not made him any friends and pretty soon this issue is bound to get traction despite local media indifference to such things.

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  1. Looks like the woman who he assaulted has been shut up somehow. Wasn’t that his sister in law? He must have blackmailed her or his ex husband to get them to be silent in this whole matter. So what could that be?
    Now he is starting fights with the rest of the council. This guy is not fit to be on council. Too angry, always used to getting his way (can you say bully)?
    Speaking of bullies, this guy who was imported from LA to be Ahmads protector, Bernhard or whatever his name is, he is a bully. He is also brought to council meetings and taken home by Ahmad. Ahmads soon to be new husband?

    1. It’s true they ain’t talkin’ but Zahra made a plea deal to make it go away.

      That Bernard character is a real creep and word has it he isn’t nearly so handicapped as he pretends to be. Go Bruins.

  2. If he had pleaded guilty and sentenced to community service, etc., with the understanding charges would be dropped after completion…..it would have shown up in Vision as a guilty plea and his sentencing would have been listed and the case would disappear from Vision after he had completed community service. So there would have been a lag between guilty plea and completion of community service where it was visible. I don’t know that I would trust your source in the DA’s office. I assume you were monitoring Vision while all this was going on.

  3. I hate FFFF and I would like to see Ahmad prove his charges were dropped just to see you all eat crow. Come on, Ahmad.

    1. Why would anybody here “eat crow.” The post just says there’s a different story out there. But, yes, I challenge Zahra to actually PROVE his exoneration!

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