Mayhem Continues in Downtown Fullerton

Hook ’em horns…

The Florentine Mob may be gone; the douchebag Jeremy Popoff has popped off somewhere; but the battlefield known as Downtown Fullerton – created and nurtured by our own government is still in fine form. And by fine form, I mean gunfire.

The FPD has announced that it has apprehended one of our stand up DTF patrons who allegedly fired shots a the JP23 “restaurant” following an altercation therein.

Somebody got shot. Here’s part of the cop’s statement (self-congratulatory bullshit omitted):

On Tuesday, July 6, 2021, at approximately 1:03 AM, Fullerton Police Officers responded to 101 S. Harbor Boulevard, JP23 Urban Kitchen and Bar, regarding a subject who had been shot.

Upon arrival, Officers located a 24-year-old male with a single gunshot wound. Officers immediately rendered aid to the victim, and he was transported to a local trauma center. It was determined the gunshot wound was not life-threatening and the victim was expected to survive.

So once again the establishment known as JP23 finds itself in the middle of crime, although most of the crime at this place comes from the refusal of the owner to obey the Fullerton Municipal Code and his own Conditional Use Permit.

Oh, well. I guess there’s a certain amount of psychological reassurance that some things just don’t change. And mayhem in Downtown Fullerton appears to be one of them.

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  1. That JP23 bastard has been a bad actor since day one. And Mayor Whitaker has been looking the other way, running interference for the SOB. He was so bad even Fitzgerald ragged on him and we know how low her bar was.

    1. Mr. JP23 probably refused to pay her tribute. All he had to do with Whitaker is host a campaign party.

  2. We need to find out who is bringing these gangs to downtown Fullerton from east, west and south Fullerton.

    1. The shooting suspect is from La Mirada. The fatal DUI hit and run suspect was a female from Tustin. No indication of gang involvement in any of this, and certainly no evidence of Fullerton gangs.

      People from all over are drawn to downtown due to the bars. It’s what people in their 20’s do. Drunk people in their 20’s are also more likely to commit acts of violence, vandalism, etc. The downtown environment facilitates increasing violence and other crimes with each passing hour after 10PM. A subset of the downtown crowd at night are undoubtedly gang members, but I suspect the majority of people committing the downtown crimes are not. They are just drunken scumbags.

    2. Also, this little tidbit….the shooting suspect’s OCJ record shows that he is employed as a bail agent! His case number is 21NF2158. There has been quite a run of bail agents everywhere committing serious crimes, usually in the context of doing their job (illegally), but sometimes while not working. Lots of felons employed in that industry carrying equipment (guns, body armor, etc.) that they are not permitted to use. I note that the shooting suspect’s case record shows no concurrent cases or probation/parole violations. Not sure if he has anything of interest in his past.

      1. Rumor has it an exFPD officer is one of these said bail agents.

        Doing some fabulous work in Anaheim, including battery of a resident bystander.

        1. That would be Christopher Wren. Kidnapper, Riverside County Anger Management Clinic dropout, banger of female subordinate Riedl in women’s toilet room.

          He just beat up somebody who had the balls to video his activities.

    3. Sorry for multiple posts. Been doing a deep dive on these folks.

      The JP23 shooting happened after Christian Hernandez was kicked out after being involved in a fight. Hernandez’ date of birth is 08-23-1991, which means he was inside JP23 at 1AM at age 19. Additionally, although he listed his employment as a bail agent, the CA Dept of Insurance shows he is not currently licensed as a bail agent nor has he been in the past.

      Here’s a GoFundMe for the person who was shot: Here is what his GoFundMe page says about what happened: “Hi my name is Blake Petty and I was involved in a drive by shooting in Downtown Fullerton. I was walking to the bar to meet up with my buddy when a vehicle fired off several shots and 1 hit me in my butt. I now can’t work and can’t provide for my family so I’m asking for the communities help. I appreciate all prayers and anything will help. Thank you”

        1. You’re right. Early morning fog in the head and multi-tasking while posting is not a good idea. He is 29. Sorry for my stupid mistake.

          1. Anyhow, Johnny Ringo was too old to be banging with the 909ers in DTF. And I bet he does have a record.

    4. It wasnt gang related, I was the victim. He got into an altercation before I got there with someone iside, he was kicked out and saw me near the entrance thinking it was a guy he got into the altercation with and fired 6-8 shots at the bar. One hit me in my ass, I had to get surgery and couldnt work for over a month.

      1. I hope you’ve hired an attorney. You should be able to soak the City and JP 23 for a few shekels. Enough for a down payment on a house at least.

        1. It went thru and thru, sorry for the late reply. The duchebag is out on bail right now. Believe me, I will not stop until I get something out his dumbass. I have already filed a question with the court thru a paralegal & he has 30 days to respond

  3. Ummm
    Is this the New Math?
    When Balls says “Christian Hernandez’ date of birth is 08-23-1991, which means he was inside JP23 at 1AM at age 19. ”

    This is not accurate
    2021 minus 1991 =30 so he was in JP23 at 30 years old not 19.
    Apparently we need a fact checker for Mr. Balls.

  4. Will the new City Manager do anything to put the mayhem in check? He might try but the insubordinate city staff will do (and are doing) there best to frustrate and neutralize him.

    1. There is no new City Manager yet. The recruitment hasn’t even been made public yet. Are you referring to the Acting City Manager?Feel free to call him, email him or request a meeting with him to find out what his plans are and what he hopes to accomplish apart from cashing his paycheck.

      1. He is busy trying to run herd on the children. And he has the sixth councilmember to contend with – Linda Whitaker.

    1. What the hell is with people? Standing around filming instead of trying to keep them separated. Drives me crazy. This is how people (including several in Fullerton) hit their head on the concrete and die. Where is security? Where are the police?

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