“Boutique” Hotel Lumbers Along

Enhanced with genuine brick veneer!

An item on last week’s Closed Session council meeting just caught my eye. The item identified the southeast corner of Pomona Avenue and Santa Fe, location of the previously discussed “boutique” hotel proposal. I last reported it here, when the Council voted 4-1 to let the unsolicited, single proposal issue get a time extension. As usual the lone no vote came from Bruce Whitaker. The July 6th item just says “terms and price” so that it can be hidden behind the Brown Act exemption.


When the City Attorney emerged he declared that this harebrained idea was moving ahead on a 3-2 vote to authorize a Letter of Intent to approve a development agreement. Hmm. We know that Jesus Quirk Silva would go for it. After all, he already changed his vote once to move this along – way back in December of 2018 as a parting gift to Doug “Bud” Chaffee. And Ahmad Zahra is always a reliable vote to support some stupid government giveaway or overreach.

One of them?

So that leaves councilmen Nick Dunlap, Fred Jung and the aforementioned Whitaker. It is really hard to believe that Whitaker would suddenly change course 180 degrees from a previous commonsense, conservative position. Dunlap and Jung have so far shown unusual sales resistance when it comes to ridiculous bullshit so it’s hard to see either one going for this. But obviously, one of the three did. Who was it, and why? We were not told by the City Attorney and the minutes do not include such potentially embarrassing things.

And this will be a giveaway. You and I own that parcel of land that is currently providing popular parking for Transportation Center commuters. What is the land truly worth? If the Council continues on this reckless course to support a massive public subsidy to for an idea that has no basis in market demand, we may never know.

The days of the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency writing checks to fly-by-night developers, scammers, and other corporate welfare queens is over; but the so-called Successor Agency is perfectly capable of handing over real estate and getting nothing in return. And that looks likely to happen as the story of Fullerton’s unsolicited boutique hotel lurches forward.



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    1. That’s pretty hard to believe. Why would he change his previous record of opposing this, and this type of “procurement?”

  1. The guy wants free land. He’s promising to replace the parking. How this is supposed to work is anybody’s guess. A boutique hotel next to the railroad tracks.

  2. Travelers from all over will choo choo into Fullerton, spend the night at our trainside boutique hotel and place bets on the street fights outside.

  3. Nobody will spend $200 bucks per night to stay in downtown Fullerton. Period. It will end up being a loser SRO,

  4. Anyone notice how a letter of intent is NOT a price nor is it directly connected to terms attached to a price?

    Typical bullshit from Jones and Mayer. That item should have been debated in open session where giveaways of public land and “development” agreements belong.

      1. What specifically do you think is bullshit? Don’t say all of it. Back up your comment with some facts.

        1. You want specifics? How about no one has ever said “government is the problem”. No Reagans here. Spending $$$$ we don’t have is the problem. So the op ed is bullshit period.

          1. No one has ever said government is the problem? That’s hilarious. This blog constantly states that. Also, it is obvious that the Mayor and two council members do not like or respect city employees.

          2. ?…HAHAHAHA! Is this your first day in Fullerton?

            “the city government is the problem” has been the resounding chorus for YEARS!!

            Wake up!!

    1. Yeah, the previous union goon President wrote a similar op-Ed last year bleating over the financial toilet bowl that has become fullerton. You wanna fix the streets? Stop paying cops and firefighters compensation packages that exceed those of emergency room physicians. That would be a good start. How about contracting for paramedic services like Placentia does and save millions each year that could be used to fix streets? There’s another solution for you. Better than asking the city manager to come up with new “revenues” I.e., more money out of my fucking pocket to pay for overpaid and over-pensioned public safety “heroes.”

      1. Revenue is how cities are able to keep reserves funded so they can tap intro hem in years of trouble. Revenue doesn’t mean a tax, it also means bringing in new businesses to the city.

        1. Did you give that piece of great advice to Fitzgerald, Flory, Whitaker, Silva & Zahra professor? All we got from them was high density housing and JP23.

          1. At least they were smart enough to work on passing rules for cannabis. It’s going to come anyway and that would of brought in millions every year. Unlike the folks you support who got rid of it.

            1. Rules for cannabis that would have brought in millions every year. Cannabis Candyland. Continue to live in La La Land dummy.

            2. No, the fucking idiots rammed through a poorly conceived “emergency ordinance” just to fuck with the new council.

    2. Pretty hysterical there’s no mention that the Council has been run by Dems + Fitzgerald since 2012.

      8 years of pro-employee spending got us into this shithole. The three bald tires didn’t exactly do a great fiscal job, but Chaffee effort blew threw tens of millions including millions of property sales on filling the pension hopper with no infrastructure or service improvement to show for it.

      Until Fullerton’s non-public safety union members start showing up to oppose the millions on new toys for fire and cops that get approved every year, they can continue to expect furloughs and wage freezes.

      1. It’s funny how you think we think the dems did any better. The more furloughs you have the less staff will stay on with the city. Then you’ll get the city you deserve.

        1. Awwwww. Cry baby gonna cry?

          You’re not getting a raise.

          Heads up, Anaheim ain’t gonna take your lazy ass.

          Enjoy the bread line.

          1. I don’t work for the city, moron. You’re be the one crying while you drive on your shitty streets, which will still be shitty for the next decade. Fullerton would have to win the lottery to get enough money to make a difference to your streets.

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