The Dead Kennedys & Others

Now that the City of Fullerton’s retaliatory lawsuit against FFFF bloggers Joshua Ferguson and David Curlee has finally done its inevitable Zeppelin Hindenburg act, some folks who promoted and nurtured the despicable assault on freedom are already trying to rewrite their participation.

Don’t get too close. They bite…

Kimberly Barlow, Esquiress of the lamentable law firm of Jones, Mayer and Gecko is saying she’s just “happy the City got its documents back” another disingenuous swipe at Ferguson and Curlee who never deprived Barlow of anything; her “happiness” is costing us $750,000, at least , but she forgot to tell the reporter this inconvenient fact.

Why is this man smiling?

Ahmad Zahra the hapless, preening poseur, and insufferable boohoo gasbag is now claiming that he was a “fan” of settling this lawsuit, a statement completely unsupported by any fact as the City continued its legal harassment of FFFF.

The track record was poor…

Then there’s Sharon Kennedy, the (former, supposedly) proprietor of the Fullerton Observer. In a comment string at their blog, Kennedy is now denying her involvement defaming our bloggers and pretending that her involvement was strictly objective. Unfortunately for her, the facts suggesst a slimy collaboration with the City and Jones, Mayer and Gecko. Her “expert” who claimed that she hired him, produced an opinion that was a joint statement to the Observer and an official Declaration to the Court in the case. How that happened and who, if anybody remunerated this self-styled expert is unknown – so far, but it looks suspicious as all Hell. Commenters are questioning Kennedy, but she isn’t answering. And naturally, the expert conveniently backed up the long-since debunked statement of the City’s own “expert.”

Kennedy can claim innocence all she wants, but her track record of venom toward this blog and really toward anybody else whose honesty threatens the well-being of government employees is well-known, and the malice might be pretty easy to prove in court if anybody cared to hold her accountable.

Well, the rats can scurry off the SS Jones, Mayer and Gecko as quick as their little legs will hurry them along. But the facts are incontrovertible and somebody, and soon, is going to have to pay the proverbial piper – just like the taxpayers are going to have to pay for the horrible and intentional malice of City Hall and its lawyers.



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  1. “I’ve actually been, from the beginning, a fan of settling this case,” Zahra said in a Friday phone interview.

    Nobody believes that, Ahmad. Take your little perverse puppet show somewhere else.

  2. “Kennedy can claim innocence all she wants, but her track record of venom toward this blog and really toward anybody else whose honesty threatens the well-being of government employees is well-known, and the malice might be pretty easy to prove in court if anybody cared to hold her accountable.” This was malice wrapped in defamation of Ferguson and Curlee. For too long, the Ralph Kennedy then Sharon Kennedy owners/editors of Fullerton Observer have asserted mostly unfounded actions upon those who opposed those they curried favors from especially politicians and others of influence (money). Go for it, what does Ferguson and Curlee have to lose?

    1. It would be sort of fun to drag her through the courts for awhile, but in the end she has nothing that anybody would want.

      1. She is has assets which explains her weasel words excuses in the Fullerton Observer. Sharon Kennedy can afford a monetary apology to Ferguson and Curlee if someone does a little digging.

  3. I’m currently visiting Fullerton and I’m so glad I don’t live here. Way too many self-righteous and entitled white people. What a mess.
    Solid 5/10


      1. I’ve been to Disney, it’s not as intriguing as this. Also I’m from a blue state that just legalized weed.

  4. That BITCH Barlow has lied to the City council one too many times. Finally, there is are 3 Council members that can think for themselves. Silva and Zahra are the kind of tools that make people hate government that has all the laws in their favor but still cheat for total domination. Both of them were acting out of malice and jealousy by keeping that witch hunt alive.

  5. Pigeonhead Zahra tried the same spin at council meeting.
    Document return.
    Load of poop from an asshole full of poop & himself

  6. Of course the lawsuit was settled.


    Ahh, good times.

  7. Has anyone else noticed that the comments for all the articles on the Fullerton Observer’s web site have been turned off? There hasn’t been any comments posted since Sunday the 16th. I guess that it’s just been too painful to have their collective noses rubbed in the fact that they were wrong. Besides, if there are no more comments, there can’t be more comments asking Sharon to explain her “experts” involvement in what the Register calls this “sordid” affair.

    For a paper that likes to promote “local journalism”, the Observer sure doesn’t like any local journalism that challenges their party line.

    1. same here, not allowed to post comments, Maybe Sharon Kennedy knows she stepped into the steaming pile of defamation by publishing in her newspaper that Ferguson and Curlee guilty of hacking into city of Fullerton’s documents. Instead of practicing investigative journalism to determine the facts and therefore truth on this issue, she hired an “expert” to give the aura of authenticity to her libelous articles about Ferguson and Curlee. As someone wrote earlier on this topic, investigative journalists/newspapers don’t hire “experts” to help them write their articles. Sharon Kennedy tries to deflect and downplay her role in Fullerton Observer’s defaming article about Ferguson and Curlee by pointing her finger at the expert. Ferguson and Curlee should sue her for defamation.

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