Zahra Battery Case Disappears From Face of Earth

No we know why this man is smiling

As the friends already know, Last fall Fullerton Councilman Ahmad Zahra was arrested by his own cops because of some fracas he got himself involved in. He was charged by the DA with battery and vandalism.

Zahra 20NM12947 Complaint

And now that case has simply vanished:

Now you see it, now you don’t…

Hmm. Of course justice never quite runs the same course for elected folks as it does for the rest of us and we are left wondering what went on the scenes to make this record simply vanish. Was it a political deal? DA Todd Spitzer and his underling Shawn Nelson have never been known for their ethical behavior. On the other hand it may well be that the other people involved in this set-to have been persuaded that they wouldn’t make very good witnesses.

However you slice it, it smells like baloney.

24 Replies to “Zahra Battery Case Disappears From Face of Earth”

  1. Ahmad is a warrior for social justice. People are always out to get him. He has been vindicated and can now fight the good fight,

    1. A warrior for social justice? Are you high? He is a warrior for himself. The pride flag is his only accomplishment. Big warrior balls.

      1. HAHAHA I heard he’s living like a true “warrior” now that he’s lost his home and now renting. LOL

    1. Why not? They do whatever they want. The author is right, neither Spitzer or Nelson has any integrity at all.

  2. Oh I’m sure the party made it very clear to the woman involved that testifying would have long term consequences for her future.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if Fitzy made a few phone calls before riding a rail out of town to Texas.

  3. Abra Cadabra presto change-o poofall gone. Nothing to see here folks.
    When you are a political whore you can just about get away with murder right.
    Zahra lies, cheats and abuses women, most likely abused his ex husband too. That guy was too cute for Zahra anyway. Good he got away when he did.
    Oh Karma

  4. I am intimately familiar with Vision. I have never come across a case simply disappearing like this.

      1. The case still appears in Vision, but says the charges were dismissed.

        The only scenario I can think of where this might happen is if there was no merit to the case and Zahra filed a motion to expunge, which was approved. I assume someone from the blog was monitoring the hearing dates, and if there had been a hearing on a motion for expungement, it would have appeared on hearing list up until the expungement was approved.

  5. Hello, a friend of mine just got his case dismissed and the records expunged from the OC courts. But how does he expunge records from this FFFF?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. You know what else disappeared? The death of a homeless guy who was in a wheelchair near the CVS on Euclid.

    No coroner’s report. No nothing.

    Oh well, we can’t alarm the city about a murder!

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