Elizabeth Hansberg, Part 3 – The SCAG Connection

Fullerton’s Future?

So far, Dear Friends, I have first introduced you to the Chair of Fullerton’s Planning Commission, Elizabeth Hansberg. And then I noted the alignment the interests of her “non-profit” – People for Housing – with the interests of the utterly opaque government cartel known as SCAG – the Southern California Association of Governments.

Read. Weep.

We have seen that SCAG’s ridiculous housing quotas as applied to Fullerton, amount to over 13,000 new units, a number cooked up in their latest Regional Housing  Needs Assessment, or RHNA.

“Well, okay, Joe,” you may be saying. “Just a coincidence.”

Not quite. While some justifiably cynical folks have wondered whether Hansberg is shaking down developers by promising fake grassroots support for over-built housing projects, one thing is clear: she gets money from SCAG to help them pursue their grotesque housing schemes that promise to destroy cities and towns through Southern California.

But they did such a nice job at the Platinum Triangle!

Here’s a SCAG press release announcing grants of $50,000 to $100,000 to various groups who will help them promote their utopian view of a massive apartment block on every corner. And here’s the part that mentions the grant award to Hansberg’s creation:

“People for Housing Orange County. Scope: Empower grassroots activists to advocate for fair and feasible Housing Elements in the five OC cities with the highest potential for economic integration (Brea, Buena Park, Fullerton, La Habra and Placentia).”

Don’t be fooled by the high-minded rhetoric. We’ve already seen that “grassroots” activity has nothing to do with this operation. It’s really all about drumming up public speakers to go to planning commissions and city councils – including Fullerton’s – to try to hustle up approvals. And the concepts of fairness and feasibility have very little to do with the grim reality: in SCAGs “expert” opinion Fullerton needs another 30 or 40 thousand people crammed into massive apartment blocks, by-right apartment units in R-1 zoned neighborhoods, and any other upzoning that suits their end.

I think the idea that Elizabeth Hansberg may actually be lobbied at a Commission hearing by public speakers she is using public resources to gin up in the first place would be pretty damn funny if it weren’t so appalling. Her appointment to the Planning Commission was a mistake to begin with. And now we see how high the stakes for Fullerton’s future really are.

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      1. Speaking of recall: If D5 recalls Zahra, do his commission and committee appointments get removed?

  1. I would like to see a report on occupancy numbers on all the Platinum Triangle apartments, as well as the ones in Fullerton. Do Fullerton really need more expensive, tiny places?

  2. Our streets are already crowded with traffic. More residents means more wear and tear on our already potholed streets.
    Euclid is a major North South route from La Habra to the 91 and the 5. Malvern has become east west corridor from Beach to the 55, 57, and 91. (Also from Amerige to Troy High School.)
    I live near Euclid and Malvern, so I know how bad the traffic has become. On top of that Malvern has become the de facto Truck Route. (And noise corridor by those ridiculously loud cars at all hours of the day and night)
    Bastanchury was widened using Eminent Domain to become the “Super Road” to carry east west commuters and trucks.
    The city is supposed to do a car count every 2 years, which would show heavy usage of main arteries.
    I was told several years ago by traffic engineer for the city that Commonwealth was carrying more cars than Malvern, which was untrue as they had not conducted traffic count on that 2 year schedule.
    Traffic Engineering for Fullerton is contracted out to a private Engineering company that controls all of the traffic in our neighboring cities in North OC.
    Note: I’ve tried to get satisfaction from the city in the past to no avail. My age and health issues prevent me from fighting City Hall. I shared so much history etc hoping that a young, energetic soul that loves Fullerton would run with this information. You won’t believe what I was told about speed limits.

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