Elizabeth Hansberg and The SCAG Cartel – Part 4 – Why It Matters

You may ignore SCAG, but the lobbyists don’t…

Many people tend to dismiss the visionary dreams of large, regional government consortiums as either too impractical, too complicated or too abstruse to either worry about or even pay much attention to. Those people are wrong.

As we have seen, these agencies have long tentacles and provide funding, or pass through funding, to promote the Big Plans they have for us. And that money goes to pay people we wouldn’t give a dime. Worse, their housing needs projections are so wildly unrealistic that if implemented would destroy the suburban fabric of towns across Southern California.

Fullerton’s Future?

Which brings us back to Elizabeth Hansberg, whose brainchild, People For Housing, sends folks around to local planning commissions and councils to promote high-density housing projects that promise¬† no concomitant benefits to the communities in which they are crammed. And as we have seen Hansberg’s “non-profit” has received somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 from SCAG to promote its agenda of a high density housing jamboree – based on a claim that says we need another 13,000 housing units in Fullerton.

The problem is that Hansberg is on our Planning Commission. The Chair, in fact. The bias, if not outright conflict of interest toward high density housing is cemented by her pecuniary reliance on SCAG. And thus planning in Fullerton is compromised. Think I’m exaggerating? Think again.

Hansberg was selected by our staff to be part of a collection of high-density housing enthusiasts who amusingly called themselves “Project Champions” and have participated in an idiot document called the Fullerton Housing Game Plan. And within this document is concrete evidence of what these people want to do in Fullerton. It’s called the Rail District.

Now this idea is not new. Apparently our crack staff have stolen both the boundaries and even the name from local business guy Tony Bushala who’s been trying to promote a sustainable, mixed use plan for his vision of the Fullerton Rail District. But no. The SCAG-Hansberg plan is all about high-density housing, not livability or sustainability.

Half a mile of high-density housing courtesy of SCAG

And here’s the proof: a plan drawing from this hitherto secret draft Specific Plan, already developed without even being shared with property owners in the area or even members of the City Council. And guess what? The Specific Plan is being paid for by SCAG. And SCAG is also paying to develop a plan to change the Poison Park within the site to an aquaponic farm, ditching the promised park and tying up valuable land in the process. And finally, SCAG grant money is also being eyed by the City bureaucrats to plan a half mile trail along the abandoned Union Pacific right-of-way, an idea so stupid that not even Ken Domer’s predecessors tried it.

It’s very clear that the giant thumbprint of SCAG is placed squarely on these hairbrained and even dangerous ideas. And with the enthusiastic support of their local auxiliaries like Elizabeth Hansberg, they are well on the way to entangling Fullerton in “plans” that will finish off our crumbling infrastructure and add 100,000 new traffic trips to our streets everyday.


10 Replies to “Elizabeth Hansberg and The SCAG Cartel – Part 4 – Why It Matters”

  1. Way past time for Domer to go. Completely incompetent. And that Foulkes is a dyed-in-the-wool liar.

      1. The faster he spews his condescending jargon the more the more you realize how useless he really is.

  2. 846 units in less than 30 usable acres. That’s 30 units an acre, folks. 60 ft tall blocks lined up like a row of cliff dwellings.

    1. Yes, if they did want to destroy a city what would they do differently?

      And all these $700,000 3-story apartments, no elevators, no yard, and a homeless encampment down the street are not attracting young buyers. They will simply leave the state.

  3. I want to know if Matt Foulkes is capable of saying anything that isn’t jargon-filled, bureaucratic gibberish.

  4. There are blocks and blocks of vacant, unused or under used property that is already an eye sore.

    Then there are small pockets of property unsued and have trash covering it.

    There is no reason we can’t try a tiny homes concept here. We have the money.

  5. The surefire way to rid us of Hamsberg is to get rid of her mentor, the woman beater, Hamar Zafra. RECALL the Perv.

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