The Trail To Nowhere…

Complete with horse trail!

Our City bureaucrats want to waste $2,000,000 in public funds to build a trail from Highland Avenue to Independence Park along the old Union Pacific right-of-way. The idea they say, is to link the Transportation Center to “parks.” Of course we all know that the existing “trail” east of Highland doesn’t even make it to the Transportation Center, and is deficient as a multimodal facility; and we know that the Poison Park that nobody outside City Hall ever wanted is a moribund, attractive nuisance with such a sketchy history that the City has fenced it off for 15 years.

And recently a murder occurred at the end of the so-called trail, raising legitimate questions about the safety of future trail users, if there are any.

One of our critics has tenaciously clung to the theory that a trail will attract users, thereby mitigating the safety issues along this swath of industrial buildings, junk yards, cut-rate auto related businesses, metal plating and asphalt concerns. Naturally our critic, like all knee-jerk liberals applied some theory to a practical situation he knew nothing about.

And so, Friends, I am sharing some current images of the right-of-way, to illustrate the idiocy of building a rec trail through this area. Enjoy

Just west of Richman
West of Richman

Maybe some trees will help…

Maybe it will look better at night…

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  1. We will go there with me anytime! More eyes on the trail the better I like it. And we have four eyes! Or two. We get so confused!

  2. So let me see if I have this right. Alice Loya believes putting a trail through this no-man’s land is a good idea? And 2 mil? I think it’s way past time to put Alice out to pasture with Kitty Jaramillo.

    1. Yes. According to Loya this trail will somehow pull up the surrounding area. But that’s also what they said about UP Park. And how did that turn out – $3,000,000 down the toilet and no accountability.

  3. These people need a trail. It doesn’t matter if they use it or not. It’s like a gift where it’s the thought and feelings that count.

  4. It will become a popular homeless encampment just like the Santa Ana riverbed was. Lots of privacy and difficult to police, but with better access to local schools and neighborhoods.

  5. That horse trail is an absolute hoot. Even when the loathsome Susan Hunt set this up she was babbling about connectivity to the Transportation center which begged the question: how do the horsies get over the tracks and even if they could, where do they go from there?


    And right now the “Phase 1” effort is full of homeless and piles of garbage, weeds and dead landscaping everywhere. But gosh darn it, there’s a horse trail with a plastic guardrail!!

  6. A few minutes with Google maps and you can see how you can get from the train station to UP Park via continuous path. Then a very short ride on the streets to get to the new path that would take you to Independence Park.

    So that’s somewhere to somewhere.

    As to the “poison park” that cleanup was already done. It’s wrong to call it that since it is no longer the case. Then the park was shut for some illicit activity which I agree is stupid. The parks need to be open, maintained and patrolled.

    As to “3 million” to create the trail it’s a grant and my understanding is the city’s part is 300,000 and comes from earmarked park funds.

    The attempt to connect the trail that doesn’t exist to the stabbing is ridiculous on its face. The end.

    1. The 3 million is what was wasted building the Poison Park. The 2 million to build a trail through the industrial wasteland is not “free” which is typical liberal dumbfuck mind set.

      Poison Park is metaphor, stupid. It represents the incompetence of staff for buying toxic land, building a “park” nobody wanted, and then shutting it down. Now, I’m sure this sort of record glows with positive energy for you and your ilk, the fruitless and expensive gesture meaning more than actually accomplishing anything.

      What’s your opinion of the photos? The pictures don’t lie,. even if that’s all Alice Loya does.

      1. I didn’t say anything is free. I said it’s not the city’s part to pay, and forgoing it the money does absolutely nothing for Fullerton taxpayer. Someone else will get the grant money for their park or path instead of us.

        As to the photos I can’t tell what it would look like with a proper path and landscaping.

        1. Wasting it does nothing for the Fullerton taxpayer, either. But it makes you uptown libs feel good about a gift to South Fullerton. And it’s make-work for the city employees. Win-win!

        2. Well, use your imagination for fuck’s sake. Are you really this slow?

          I would rather somebody else used the grant for something useful.

    2. Wrong. The sidewalk (no bicycles) behind the Ice House is on private property – as is the abandoned alley west of the Ice House.

      More lies you greedily lap up like the lap dog you are.

    3. “A few minutes with Google maps…”

      Why not get up off your lazy rear end and go look at the site from the ground?

      I know, a view from outer pace conforms more to you philosophy of wasting public money, but, seriously: wouldn’t you like to know what you are talking about at long last?

      1. You are rude. I did go over there to check out UP Park, however I only looked for connection to the train station from Google maps. As far as I can tell there is a path from the train station to Up Park as every article I’ve read indicated. As far as I can tell, yes there is.

        If that is not the case maybe that would be more useful pictu e.

        As to private property and sidewalk can’t tell and don’t know if that matters. Is it blocked off? But it’s lawful to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk.

            1. You might have travelled the dirt track that runs through the plating plant, the used tire stores, the asphalt yard and the junk yards. But no. That might have taken effort and integrity.

              1. “You might have travelled the dirt track that runs through the plating plant, the used tire stores, the asphalt yard and the junk yards.”

                Why would I do that? It is an abandoned weed ridden alley going through industrial areas. I understand what it is.

                It looks like it needs to be developed. Making it usable for bikes and pedestrians makes sense instead of leaving it as an abandoned lot.

                And again… it is mostly money that the city would lose if we don’t take it. I’d rather have the money spent here than somewhere else. Common sense.

      2. I/we resent that remark. After all, we are always talking out of my ass so it follows that I get off it once in a while. Anyhoo, I won’t go to that part of town without a taxpayer-supplied escort and we stand by that. I don’t need to see another stabbing because it wouldn’t even change our opinion, and we know best, despite what Dr. Schartzman has to say on the subject.

        1. Your alter ego is a slightly less obnoxious version of that Greg Diamond asshole. Just as ignorant, but not quie so militant about it.

            1. I love it when you comment!

              You do a wonderful job speaking for Fullerton’s liberals. They must really appreciate your good work.

  7. Didn’t Alice Loya tell the city Council that luckily the land is relatively flat? Sure doesn’t look flat to me based on the photos in this post. Did Loya lie to the city Council?

    1. I’m sure she was trying to make the production look easy. All that railroad bed will have to be removed. And I wonder what other nasty surprises lurk near the final grade.

      But there’s another problem, too – potential water/rain runoff on to other people’s property. Unlike the other trails this one is not in a natural setting. It will have to drain away from any path. They will tell you there will be “natural” bioswales to capture runoff. I wonder if they care about nuisance water running n to other property – which isn’t legal.

      1. With all the adjacent dilapidated fences, who’s going to be responsible if one or more of someones adjacent fence falls into the right of way/trail and causes harm to someone (homeless) who maybe hanging out there at night? Not Dick Jones.

        1. If you look at the pictures you will see lots of places where there are no fences or walls at all. Looks real safe. Let’s ask Hogerboom.

  8. The grant money will go to improving a real trail within Fullerton. It doesn’t have to be wasted just because Staffers like Alice Loya know everything.

    1. Yes it might take a while. Like forever. Go take a look. The right-of- isn’t the issue – it’s the environment it passes through. Check it out. You might learn something. in the meantime please identify who would use it, and why on earth they would. See if you can hypothesize what a real user would look like.

  9. Has a Phase I environmental analysis been completed yet? I’d be willing to bet this right of way is more toxic than Poison Park.

  10. Looks like the city of Fullerton has already started a major trail project in our largest park….coyote hills. Toxic soil up there too I suppose.

  11. One thing no one here has yet mentioned-the wonderfully blank canvas for taggers!

    As anyone who rides the loop knows, there is constant graffiti underneath the Harbor Blvd bridge and plenty more on the Brea dam and adjacent spillway. Im sure the taggers would leave this “idyllic” setting alone…

    Also, as an aside, I noticed yesterday that someone tagged the “Friends of Coyote Hills” sign (on private property) on the corner of Euclid and Bastanchury.

    1. Good point. Who pays for graffiti removal on all of those wonderful blank canvases? The City will try to strong arm property owners.

  12. A “maintained” trail to independence park would be great, if the city allowed for the public to access the facilities like Janet Evans Aquatic Center and the Community Center pool. Currently the FAST swim club oversees operations at both sites and prices are ridiculous for swim lessons, and there are NO hours for public swim for families or children. Not having access to a public pool and swim instruction for children is setting up a dangerous scenario for many generations.

    1. A dangerous scenario for many generations is thinking a trail through this industrial badlands is a good idea whether you can get into the pool or not.

          1. I am not scared to be in any part of this city. And I use the trails.

            Also you’re confusing different threads. Are we talking about the sidewalk from UP Park to the train station or the proposed trail route to Independence Park?

            Different things.

            And no you haven’t shown high crime in industrial areas. We have crime issues in downtown and in residential areas. The industrial areas are blighted but I don’t know that they’re crime ridden.

  13. Being that the proposed trail sits right smack dab in the middle of a toxic aquifer plume, I’d say industrial badlands is pretty accurate.

    Fix the streets then we can have a discussion. The city is upside-down in their priorities.

  14. The money that would be used isn’t available for street repair. Completely different pot of money.

    Neither the grant money nor the parks funds the city has to kick in.

    Orthogonal priorities.

    It would be more productive if FFFF spent their gadfly efforts trying to get the parks in better shape and secured instead of just being anti park which is what is clearly the case.

    That would be productive. Instead… this merry go round of negativity.

    1. Keep reaching for that brass ring, #1 rider.

      Of issue is how that bucket of money gets filled. There’s a reason staff insists on park development fees (instead of actual parks) and resists all attempts at an infrastructure impact fee for new development.

      I’ll give you a hint: No one is going to vote for a sales tax to build shitty parks to nowhere, disposable poorly constructed (guess you missed that series, knucklehead) stairs, or a million dollar vanity bridge that no one uses that’s two blocks away from a structurally deficient bridge with active spalling on a major artery.

      Maybe, just maybe, if you’d pull your head out of your ass for a minute, you’d realize that most of the information here comes from folks with actual qualifications who have been paying attention to the rot in town for a very, very long time.

      I know you like the echo your voice makes across your large intestine, but you really need to calm down. No one takes you seriously and you embarrass the entire liberal establishment (who, believe it or not actually write here) with every ignorant, vapid post you make.

  15. I’m not necessarily opposed to a trail through there, but there are crime issues and drug dealing that goes on at Independence Park that I’m sure would find a way over to this trail. To think it would be and remain some kind of Irvine-like “paseo” is naive.

    This city has fallen behind far too much in the meat and potatoes of infrastructure and has lost the right to do this kind of thing until they get their fiscal house in order. Eat your vegetables then you can have dessert.

    Crappy infrastructure does nothing to attract new businesses and beats the ever loving shit out of our vehicles.

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