Zahra and Silva Think A Pot Shop Next to Your House Is Okay

Last night’s City Council hearing on moving ahead with a marijuana ordinance produced the usual incoherent blather from our distinguished electeds, none of whom seemed to know what they were talking about, and two, in particular, who seemed to have been coached by representatives of the legal pot lobby. Of course we learned that the previous outreach didn’t reach anybody not looking to make a buck in the weed biz.

Somehow in its latest incarnation, staff’s proposed framework for allowing these uses, particularly dispensaries. reduced the “buffer zone” at schools and parks from 1000 feet to only 600, and eliminated the buffer for residential zones altogether.¬†Why? Pretty obviously to increase the opportunities for locating dispensaries.

Councilmembers Zahra and Silva, who gave every appearance of repeating “consultant” talking points expressed concern that workers in these places be unionized and that to proceeds go to kiddie social programs, but they were more interested in increasing parcels available for development than they were about the impacts on residential neighbors. The bumbling Silva in particular made a big deal about having most permissible zoning in order that the burden of hosting these facilities would be shared by rich folks up in the hills, an idiotic pretext since a majority of the council spent a good deal of time extolling the virtues and minimal impacts of licensed shops.

Councilmembers Whitaker, Flory and Fitzgerald indicated their desire for a 1000 foot buffer, and the inclusion of residential use as a “sensitive receptor” requiring a buffer. So good for them. However, Fitzgerald and Whitaker both voted against going forward with more “outreach” and a future ordinance anyhow, meaning that either Zahra, Silva or Flory somebody is going to have to change their support for a residental buffer, ultimately, in a final ordinance. I leave it to the Friends to guess who that might be. On the other hand it’s hard to see how this can make it back to the Council before the election and both Flory and Fitzgerald will be gone, meaning that we may get lucky in Districts 1 and 2 and get a level-headed council majority who can make a decision that isn’t bogged down by fake concern, verbal gas, and union stoogery.


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    1. And I once again apologize for us because we don’t know when to just shut up and be assumed to be an idiot. Telling me won’t help because we are determined to keep our dick in our mouths. Just us thoughts and prayers!

        1. That’s not Josh.

          Now instead of being just an unstoppable moron, you’re an ignorant unstoppable moron.

          Congrats on your promotion.

          1. Who knows? You’re all anonymous cowards and this one is a particularly douchey douchebag who posts under a mocking version of my name.

            So I can assume whatever the fuck I want. If it’s an asshole, I just assume it’s Josh.

            1. We assume that I am an ass. Actually, we knew this after emerging from a clinic where they told us our late puberty and mommy issues were behind us. But I keep telling us to be quiet and not let people know how feeble we are but I don’t listen and we plow ahead with our shallow plowing. We can’t help it but I’m trying. Really I am.

        2. We are well-versed in middle school satire since I really gave up hitting my head on the wall when I was 12. We no longer do the head-on-wall thing so now I can tell us to shut our mouth from time to time. It has not worked yet, but we still have hope.

  1. Why are they trying to contract with individual potential dispensary owners instead of just taxing them like any other business, bars, for example?

    1. Here’s another good question: why did Santa Ana’s Vincent Sarmiento contact Flory before the hearing. Obviously he’s working for the dope industry as a lobbyist. Flory was either too dumb or too dishonest to reveal an ex parte communication.

    1. Because they can shake down applicants via “Development Agreements.” I don’t see how this is even legal. But if Dick Jones says so, it must be legit.

      1. I think its funny they want to choose permit holders before they even have a location! Dunn and Domer hard at it again!

  2. “shared by rich folks up in the hills”

    Not gonna happen. This is just Silva’s way of deflecting your attention. “Oh, he’s not that bad!” you think.

    They will stick it where they stick everything their donors don’t like: SW Fullerton, Bruce’s area. And Zahra’s area will be exempt too. Any shelters or methadone clinics up in the hills now?

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