Tax Raiders Won’t Play Fair

Well, really what did you expect. The political action committee that calls itself Fair Elections in Fullerton (or some other nonsensical bullshit) and that is promoting the 17% sales tax increase has been misbehaving. Not unusual, given that it is a creation of city employees and funded by union and there is a lot at stake for them.

Opposition No on S political signs have been destroyed and stolen, and replaced with Yes signs, signs that suggest our roads might be the beneficiary of our largess, and not true, of course.

Here’s a new ploy: actually covering No on S signs with their own, a shitty little tactic that fits so well with the entitlement attitude of our over-entitled “public safety” Heroes.

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  1. To be fair, you don’t have any evidence of who is doing this. There are any one of a number of businesses (especially contractors) and workers who might benefit from the passing of S, yet you have concluded without evidence the people responsible are police and fire employees. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lousy and unethical thing to do, but I don’t know that it’s even illegal.

    Vote No on S. Too much, too broad, not specific enough on where the money would go.

        1. Finally, to clarify my original post so I won’t get attacked even more, when I said that I didn’t know whether it was even illegal, I was talking about the photo accompanying the article showing the Yes on S signs placed in front of the No on S signs. Theft and vandalism of signs is most definitely illegal. Regardless of whether it is theft or just covering, I hope you discover who is responsible.

          1. Nobody said it was illegal – except if it’s being done by on-duty City employees which is possible. Your list of possible culprits includes a vertibal who’s who of City Hall lackeys but I highly doubt any of those stooges is going to bother harassing campaign signs. That the work of the cop and fire union. Professional sign puter-uppers never do this, either.

    1. “it’s a lousy and unethical thing to do” Isn’t that what Fullerton PD, the City Council and most city employees have been doing for decades? Heck, it’s their creedo!

  2. I saw Qazi signs covering Dunlap signs just like this but they were on private property. The property owners didn’t approve of Qazi and it looks like it was the same people with the Yes on S signs. How low can these clown go?!

  3. Since someone mentioned Qazi and Dunlap….is there anyone who is intimately familiar with the candidates in District 2 who can give a quick rundown? As usual, candidate websites are somewhat vague and noncommittal on issues, and it’s hard to figure out where people stand. I like to be an informed voter. Gonna watch the YouTube candidates forum when I get some time: I figure some of the folks here more active in local politics would be knowledgeable.

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